About Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

Welcome to my website! I am Tanisha Eileen Hamelin, a Canadian creator and freelancer. You have found yourself on my personal site where it is all about me, myself, and I. I showcase a lot of my projects and the services I offer but you'll also find my most intimate, personal, thoughts and beliefs about life, love, and everything in between.

My intention with this site is for it to be a true, unbiased, unashamed reflection of the Tanisha that I AM. To give voice to the girl who wants to express herself but holds back in conversation because she doesn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable with her weirdness. A weirdness of a person in transition to becoming the fullest expression of herself through her artistic endeavors and random musings. I, like everyone, am an in‐depth human being who could barely describe herself in a paragraph or even an entire website devoted to herself. Here we are, though, and i'll do my best.

How I Would Describe Myself and What I Bring to the Table

I would describe myself as a brilliant, crazy, weird, beautiful soul whose main desire in life is to consistently stay in a feeling of joy, happiness, and creativity. This is reflected in my work and the energy I bring to what I choose to do. I have a positive attitude and I am a very high energy person. I work hard because I enjoy learning, creating, and accomplishing. I also consider myself quite artful at the act of learning itself.

My Business Side

If you want more of the business side of me, then you should check out my services. As a freelancer I am interested in taking part in your project, even if it's only a small part. I have a diverse range of skills that I offer and is reflected on this website and in my portfolio. I have over 15 years of experience as an administrative assistant in various roles in Government, Public, and Private sector. I started my first website in 2012 and have come a long way from using various content management systems to now coding and developing my own pages. I design and create all of my graphics including logos, banners, and quote art, and I love to draw digitally.

What is My Passion

I've been through challenges in life and as a result I've learned to overcome some major obstacles and I feel a strong duty to help others. I believe a part of my purpose in this life is to help others facilitate their own healing like I have done for myself. I always try to look at people with a lens of understanding. I am very aware of how people who are hurting, hurt others and themselves. If people were able to gain control of their thoughts and feelings and live in a state of joy, happiness, and creativity the majority of the time, oh what a world we would live in. Can you just imagine that? Imagine Humanity, living peacefully, in harmony, on a path where every person is honoured, respected, and cared for by each other while maintaining their individuality and differences. That is a beautiful future that I believe we are on the path to and I want to be a part of creating it. It is time for us to either sink or learn to swim, and we are destined to swim.

Please email me if you have any inquiries at tanisha@tanishaeileen.com. Otherwise thank you for visiting my site and have an awesome, wonderful, perfect, exciting, and joyous day!

Lots of Love,
Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

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