About Me

My name is Tanisha Eileen Hamelin and i’m a born and raised Edmonton, Alberta girl. I especially love being happy, sunshine and travelling, and my dogs. I love all animals and I’m a bit of an avid gardener as well.

A Writer

I write for a lot of different reasons. I do it because it makes me feel good to sort my thoughts through writing when i’m feeling especially passionate. I love to make up story lines, imaging it in my head and then trying to put that to words. I like playing with the english language and the many ways of expression. I like the feeling of being inspired and then feeling that inspiration come out through my words. I love trying to become a better writer.

Gamer Girl

I am a gamer and i’ve gamed since I was a little girl. 10 years old playing Doctor Mario on nintendo and then Mario Kart on Super nintendo. I broke my collarbone in high school running home from a friends house after borrowing Playstation games. I purchased my first Xbox when I was about 20 and i’ve stuck with that system ever since. Though even now I have a 3DS where I like to stay updated with the latest Pokemon games. As for computer games, The sims have occupied a large part of my life. Vampire Bloodlines was a past favourite. I still love to play Rome Total War and Sim City on my mac.

Of course now that i’m older and i’m more diversified in my interests I don’t play as much as I use to. Its not even that I don’t have the time its that its not how I choose to spend it. I am usually on some creative endeavour, but like I said. I do keep up with a few games as they release new ones in the series. Also Minecraft will never not be a good go-to game even if I don’t play for periods in between.

Creative Maker

I like to make things. I like learning new ways to make things. I just love being creative and having a vision and then seeing a finished product. Its true when it comes to making jewelry, wood working, writing, graphics design, and various other crafting journeys I take myself on when inspiration hits. I remember a period in my life, like my high school years, and I questioned whether I was a creative person. The more i’ve fostered that in myself, the more i’ve shown myself. I can be very very creative and its actually an extremely enjoyable process.

I, like everyone, am an in depth human being who could barely describe herself in a paragraph or even an entire website devoted to herself. Here we are, though, and i'll do my best. I just love being creative and this site is just another avenue for that. Use the contact me form if you really have something to say or need to know. I might not be so immediate with my response, but I will respond. Otherwise I hope you and everyone has a awesome, wonderful, perfect, exciting, and joyous day!


Tanisha Eileen

Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

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