SMBC Journey

My Single Mother By Choice Journey

Hello and welcome to the section of my blog that is devoted to writing about becoming a single mother by choice. I decided to start the journey officially in March 2019 though I have thought about it for a long time. At this time I am 32 years old. My last relationship ended just prior in December, although it was a long time coming. There were many times in the last year where I found myself feeling like I was finally ready to have a child. I hung on to the relationship I was in for so long hoping that this would be the man I would be able to finally have my family with.

However it didn’t work out and I have been coming to grips with the reality, it could be years before I find the right person and finally become a mom if I wait for a significant other. Years I don’t have.

SMBC Journey

Since deciding to just do it, I have felt such a relief and excitement. I feel like I’m ready for this to finally happen and it is exciting to know that I’m just going to make it happen. Right now I’m in the preparing to conceive stage. Finding out information about using a sperm bank, talking to possible known donors. There are a lot of things to navigate as I try to cover all of my bases and do this the most appropriate way, including legally.

I’m Not Alone in This Single Mother By Choice Journey

I know I’m not the only woman who is going through this and I want to be able to share my experience as well. It has really helped me to hear and know the stories of other woman who made the decision to be a single mother by choice. It’s so reassuring to hear them say, even after having their child and doing it alone, that it was the best decision they made. I’m looking forward to becoming a mother even though I know it’s a little different than the traditional way.

Emotions run high sometimes and I’m certainly not perfect, but I am a passionate person. I love expressing myself through my writing and so why shouldn’t I share the emotions, feelings, and thoughts I have about this? I hope I’m able to help someone else make the decision for themselves, or not, based on what I present here. Its just the true feelings and experience. Right now, I am really looking forward to that time when I can finally post a blog that says, “I conceived!!!!!!!!!”

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