Book of Positive Aspects July 2017

book of positive aspects July 2017

Book of Positive Aspects of July 2017, the summer months make it easy to feel good because all you have to do is sit outside! That is especially evident by how I was feeling this month. I tried to spend a little more time enjoying myself in the backyard, sunbathing, and meditating. I spent a lot of time this month listening to Abraham Hicks Meditations, which I really enjoy. I think its pretty evident in my writing. I have my good days and then better days, and my writing reflects that as well. Like I can almost tell when it was not as easy for me to write so positively at first. I think those are the days its really needed though! I also like how I can feel the energy I had in my own writing. When I look back and read through its obvious to me how good I was feeling. I can feel the difference in my writing and it actually helps me realize the varying degrees of good feelings. Like what that means I can flow in terms of what i'm writing and feeling good about. My book of positive aspects of July 2017 shows it has been a good month anyway and i'm looking forward to more and more good in August!

Book of Positive Aspects July 11 2017

I feel good this morning and i’m happy that its a new exciting day

I appreciate feeling good

I love feeling good

I love that i’m getting better at feeling so good and noticing so many more good things

I am excited for the future

I love this place that I live in

I appreciate my beautiful, private home, where I have tons of space

I love that I do what I want when I want

I love that the universe supports me in everything that makes me feel good

I love that the universe is always supporting me

I love that when I feel good I know that my inner being agrees with me and my perspective

I love being in alignment

I love being the receiver of amazing ideas

I love tapping into the universal energy

I love learning about myself and the energy

Today i’ve decided i’m just going to feel good

Nothing is in my way, my life goes perfectly for me

Everything goes so smoothly for me in life

People love to be good to me, and I love to be good to people

I believe with all that I am that my inner being is guiding me along the path of least resistance

Which is also the path of my greatest joy

I think it is the most logical thing in the world that the purpose of life is to feel good and have fun

I trust in the laws of the universe

I trust in myself

the law of attraction is as sure, if not more sure, than even the law of gravity

I believe in the law of attraction

I believe that the law of attraction is working for me

I like how law of attraction shows me how i’m doing

I am making peace with where I am and the gap

I like that i’m always closing the gap

I love that its my choice

I love that knowing what I know makes it impossible for me to misunderstand how things are happening to me

i’m doing better all the time

I love that the feeling of not being able to is getting smaller and will be gone completely

I love that I am getting better at positively focusing myself, especially on the subject of money

I love the feeling of being able to control myself. I love the feeling of being the deliberate creator and director of my life

I love that I can do that

I love that I have been doing that

Book of Positive Aspects July 25 2017

I am not discouraged but I am persistent. I know that divine substance is everything, and that I call it to me through the power of my positive thinking and expectation.

I am looking forward to the universe revealing to me the abundance that is my birthright. I’m looking forward to allowing what I am capable of receiving right now.

I love that I am good at feeling good

I love that I’m good at being a good person

I love feeling good

I love my life

I love waking up everyday and feeling good

I love knowing that i’m a divine being

I love knowing the eternal nature of who I am

I love thinking about everything around me being source, about everything as substance, and that I am also a part of that

I love knowing that I am here to prosper and have fun

I love that my awareness of the abundance all around me gets deeper, better, and is a stronger knowing every single day

I am looking forward to the evidence of my positive thoughts

I love that everyday is new and exciting

I love the exciting things that happen every single day to me

I am so ready to move on from lack and to allow the valves of financial abundance flow to me

I feel good knowing I am a billionaire

I love knowing that the universe loves speed

I love knowing that I get what I want through my focus

I love being prosperous and thinking of how I will add to the prosperity of those around me

I love knowing we are all prosperous, that no one is evil, no one is out to get me, no one is out to harm

I love knowing I am always safe

I am always going to be in a good place

Book of Positive Aspects July 28 2017

Everything is working out for me

I love this life that i’m living

Nothing in my reality is permanent and everything is brought in through my focus and my intention and my expectation

I love that i’m getting better and better everyday at feeling good

I love knowing that my inner being is working with me to make sure that I accomplish what I want

I love knowing that just my asking stronger in the last week has caused an even greater change in my feelings

I love that I feel good everyday

I love that i’m getting better and better at being in a good mood everyday and not worrying about anything

I love ignoring my reality

I love that my current reality is a manifestation of past thoughts and that my future reality is going to be a manifestation of my current thoughts

i’m excited about what is coming

i’m excited about life

I live a pretty awesome amazing exciting life

I live this life that works out perfectly for me, I love that i’m an eternal being, that nothing is every wrong, that its never the end

I love my family

I love my family even when they are in a bad mood

I love my family and I accept them for who they are, and who they choose to be, and what vibration they are vibe’ing at

I love my family but I don’t care to take on how they feel

I love my family so much that it is my intention to see them as they truly are- happy, prosperous, people

I love being a beacon for feeling good and for what its like to feel confident and excited and happy about life

I love that I am the creator of my reality and that I create through my feelings and thoughts

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