Book Of Positive Aspects May 2017

book of positive aspects May 2017

My Book of Positive Aspects of May 2017

My book of positive aspects of May 2017 is a good one! I felt especially good this month and have for the last few. It feels as though things are starting to flow easier and better for me in terms of positive statements. I'm always tapping into a good feeling really quickly. I still experienced my off days, and I didn't record as many days as I would have liked. I always wish to accomplish a recording of positive aspects every single day. I usually manage around a week, sometimes 2 weeks if i'm lucky, out of the month. My book of positive aspects of may 2017 was on the lower end of recordings, but that doesn't mean my mood was on the low end.

Positive Aspects May 4 2017

I'm so thankful for waking up every morning with no set schedule

I love the freedom I experience everyday and have experienced for the last couple years

I love the way the world and my life just seems to be on this path to better and better

I love that I have overcome so much strong negative emotion and that i’m creating happiness and positive momentum

I love how I get to wake up everyday and be close to my pups and get to spend the day with them and get to just enjoy my life

I love that I am naturally abundant and that in my life is everything and anything I want and focus on

I love that I am creator and that I get to live my life the way I want and that my unique living of my life is uniquely contributing to the experience of All That I Am

I love that other people are not to be feared but they are to be enjoyed and that they bring so much more experience, dimension to my life

I am thankful for all my life experiences thus far and i’m thankful that this world is not as dull as I once thought it is but that it is exactly everything that is perfect and amazing and basically a reason to feel good no matter what, unconditionally

I love that I can feel good now unconditionally because its just something I want

I love that I have freed my mind from those limiting beliefs that were keeping me in the same place

I love that now that i’m free from those thoughts that i’m open to so much more of an vast and enjoyable experience

I love that I have been so blessed in this life with the crazy experiences i’ve had, which have shaped me and made me the definitive and confident and knowledgeable person that I am right now

I love thinking about my life and how well I live it

that i’m a good person and that I enhance others lives as well just with my presence

I love that my exploration can go beyond this earth, that I can delve into my dream worlds and discover something just as real as this current reality I live

I love that there is tons and tons and tons for me to explore

Positive Aspects May 7 2017

I am happy because I have someone in my life I can truly trust

I am happy because I don’t have to rely on anyone

I am happy because I am a very intelligent person who has the ability to accomplish anything in my life

I am happy because i’m talented and because I do have drive

I am happy because I am a good person and I care about others

I am happy because my life isn’t shit, its an open book, its not dependent on my family and its going to be a good one

I love my life because I am better able to choose and be more concrete in my desire to choose who I want to surround myself with

I love my life because I don’t have to be around people I don’t like, even if that includes my family

I love my life because I am doing welll for myself

I love my life because i’ve grown so much and because i’ve had such a wonderful time becoming this calmer, more centered, more peaceful and happy person

I love my life because i’m in such better control than I ever was

I love my life because right now i’m doing the best i’ve ever done and I recognize that its just going to get better and better

I love my life because I don’t care about what other people think

I am happy because my life is moving towards exactly what I want which is a stable family, a home, and just feeling good everyday

I am happy because I am forming my own life separate from my family and that makes me feel good

I am happy because I have met someone that I feel genuinely cares about me and doesn’t see me as a bad person or as someone who is less than or someone who needs to accomplish more to be worthy

I am happy because I choose to be happy right now

I am happy because I want to be happy right now

I am happy because I don’t care about what anyone else thinks about my happiness or if I should or shouldn’t be happy

Positive Aspects May 17 2017

Today I am thankful for the abundance of time and sleep and energy

Today I am thankful for the way that I can easily resolve my emotions

Today I am thankful that I can control my strong emotions and that I am the director of my life

I appreciate my family for being around me and for making my life so much more full

I appreciate Raj for being so awesome and for being so loving and for being like the most perfect man I could ever ask for

I appreciate the way my life has unfolded and where I am at now

I love the abundance of knowledge and wisdom I have access to and am apart of

I love knowing that I’m God, and that everyone and everything around me is God also

I love knowing the power that is within in me

I love being the director of my life and that I can have intentions and that I can experience just because I had the intention

I love all of the beautiful items that we’ve created on earth

I love that this summer is going to be one of the best summers of my life

I love and am so appreciative of the way that money comes to me in the most enjoyable way

I love and eagerly anticipate the flow of finances and i’m so excited to know how financial abundance will come into my life

I’m looking forward to all of the experiences that Raj and I get to share

I’m excited about the vacations we will go on and I'm looking forward to the future so much

I love my life

I love this life

I love the people in my life

I love that I have all the options in the world and that there is only the now now and now and that in every now I am committed to being the happiest person I can be

I love that I love myself

I love loving myself

I love that I am deserving of every single think I could possibly ever want

I love that every person on this earth is deserving of everything and anything they want

I love that we all get what we want

I love knowing that i’m exactly where i’m suppose to be, where I intended

I love knowing that my life is special and that even in the dull moments there is so much for me to appreciate and love

I love knowing that it is just as easy to create a button as it is to allow a billion dollars into my experience

I love that there is no reason for me to think I shouldn’t have a billion dollars

I love knowing that I am a billionaire

I love knowing that there is even more available to me

I love knowing i’m living in this beautiful world that I get to shape and that responds to me and my thoughts and feelings

I love and appreciate and love myself sooooooo much for the fact that I have the strong intention of making myself happy ,happier, and allowing all the good into my life that I can imagine

I love that all the good I can imagine is flowing into my life

I love knowing that I have already received it

I love knowing that even what I want and don’t have at this moment is still a apart of me, its still just energy that is waiting and hoping and excited to reveal itself to me

Positive Aspects May 27 2017

This morning I feel good because its friday

because today is the day I get to see my awesome bf

I feel good because I am living a happy life

I feel good because I appreciate my dogs and my home and the fact that life is so amazing to me

I feel good right now because i’m happy and excited for the future

I am happy and excited because I am with the most amazing man in the world

I am happy because I have so many goals that I will achieve

I’m happy because I love thinking about the way the universe exist for me, how my world is responding to me, and that I can make this world and my life the best best best it could ever be and that I could ever imagine

I love that my imagination is so strong

I love that I am a billionaire

I love that the universe responds to me and my thoughts

I love that I am financially abundant

I love that I am getting better and better at allowing all of the things that I want

I love that I am good allower

I love that I’m getting better and better at receiving what I want

I love that I’m a master creator

I love the stability of life, the universe, and the eternal nature that is me

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