Cognitive Dissonance and the LOA

I studied Psychology in University for a couple of years and when I came across the term Cognitive Dissonance, it really stuck out to me. I was beginning to understand the power of beliefs from a psychology perspective. Cognitive Dissonance is about a discomfort caused from conflicting beliefs, and the discomfort really made me wonder.

Cognitive Dissonance and the Law of Attraction

What kind of discomfort? What would that feel like? Yet even then I had this inkling, Cognitive Dissonance is responsible for a lot of problems. Now it is even more clear to me how true it is with the Law of Attraction in mind.

The key for me probably came with the understanding of how beliefs are just thoughts that we’ve accepted as fact or truth. Coupled with the knowledge that our thoughts create our reality and that we are actually a part of a larger, most definitely conscious, connected system, it became apparent. Conflicting belief is responsible for how bad we feel when we are thinking thoughts that are out of alignment. Out of alignment with our basic truth and what we know innately, which is that we are eternal, we are all a part of the same source, and we are the creators of our reality.

Eliminate Cognitive Dissonance by Examining Your Beliefs

Pick any thought/statement that makes you feel bad and ask yourself, what beliefs do I have about life to have these thoughts and feeling. They will most definitely be beliefs that do not embody the knowledge that you and everyone creates their reality. Everything that we worry about, that stresses us, it is all based on fear. All fear is simply thoughts that come from a place of thinking we do not have power over our life and reality. It doesn’t feel right, it feels bad, because it is wrong. We do have power over our reality. We are the creators, and we create through what we think and how we feel. Our thoughts are based on our expectations, and beliefs about our reality.

If you have a thought that makes you feel bad it is conflicting with your innate knowing about yourself and what you could be experiencing. If you know this you can ask yourself, what beliefs do I have that support this thought. What expectations do I have. Then ask yourself, is this what I want to believe, and therefore create and attract, for myself? Are there better feeling thoughts I can have that are in alignment and not conflicting (therefore no longer causing Cognitive Dissonance). Of course you can find better feeling thoughts, and you can start focusing on thinking them, and finding more thoughts to support the better feeling thought. Hence turning the creation around in your life and getting to what you really want which is to feel good.

Cognitive Dissonance Examples


This is going to be a bad day at work because I don’t feel like being there


I believe I have to work for my wellbeing

Truth that causes the discomfort:

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do to receive the things you want in life. Life is meant to be fun and feel good all the time, in every moment.

If you start thinking about the above sentence, you might then think, well how will I make money if I do not work. Even then we can see the belief operating here:

Money can only come to me through hard work that is already completed

Truth that causes the discomfort:

Abundance in the form of money is available to me at all times because I am the creator of my reality and if I expect, believe, and therefore think it, it will be so.


More Examples:


I am going to hell for having this drink


I believe that if I sin I will go to hell

I believe that drinking alcohol is a sin

Truth that causes the discomfort:

Hell doesn’t exist beyond our belief in its existence, and so there is no reason to fear hell, or fear anything. Since we create our reality through our thoughts, we can begin thinking and expecting only wellbeing to be a part of our experience and know it will be that way. Leaving us with no reason to have a fear of hell.


I’m going to fail this test today because I didn’t study


The knowledge I need to recall for the test can only be acquired through studying

Truth that causes the discomfort:

I’m an eternal being who has unlimited access to the knowledge bank of source. I have the ability to call upon any knowledge needed and know the answer by simply posing the question. I do not need to have previously learned it through the 5 senses I typically would. I will learn the answer through the powerful tool that is my mind.

This one’s more of a stretch to believe and put into practice but I believe it is the future. We still have a lot of work to do on beliefs however. Right now there is probably a bit too much resistance in beliefs for us to be so essentially psychic we can think of answers without having previously studied or learned the knowledge through the 5 senses like we do now. However I believe it is 100% possible and where we are headed. Total mastery of the self and the thoughts will open us up to achieving so much. As we learn how to utilize all of our senses better, but specifically the extrasensory ones, we will have access to the unlimited nature of our true selves.

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