Importance of Self-Suggestion

The implications of beliefs and thoughts creating our reality is so huge. It can be hard to comprehend let alone develop a good working plan to improve one’s life in using this knowledge. This is why the importance of, and recognition of, self-suggestion as a reliable and awesome tool is necessary. It is the focus on and creation of beliefs (and therefore thoughts) of what is wanted that ultimately brings us what we want.

The Importance of Self Suggestion

Every single human being is a creator- but not necessarily a conscious one if they do not know this about themselves. Those that do know are then faced with the task – how to focus more on what is wanted. Self-Suggestion is an essential, necessary tool to focusing on what you want and creating the reality you want.

What is Self-suggestion

If you do a google search for the definition of suggestion it is “the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another”. Self-suggestion, then, is the process by which one guides their own thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.  Since beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking, then, self-suggestion is just thoughts that we intentionally think to guide ourselves.

It is pretty obvious that just thinking a thought doesn’t exactly make it true. We don’t just think of a gold bar, and it appears. This impediment is a result of having many beliefs, typically which are contradictory (Cognitive Dissonance in the psych world). This is obvious when you look at the thoughts that you have. Even if intellectually you have accepted that you are the creator of your reality, you’ll likely still find that you activate thoughts that contradict that knowledge. Those thoughts are ultimately responsible for blocking what you want. If we think in terms of probability, if you are thinking “I am awesome” then think “I suck” the percentage that you think “I’m awesome” versus “I suck” is responsible for how awesome you’ll be. Whichever your activating more will manifest, to the degree it is impeded by your conflicting belief. This is where self-suggestion is at its finest, and can ultimately be life changing.

How to Use Self-Suggestion

Implementing self-suggestion can be done a number of ways and you should really do what feels best, most comfortable, and right to you. Trying to force yourself to do something you don’t like or are drawn to is just never good. Go with what feels good now and if you get an impulse to change it up, do it.

First Thing in the Morning – You can’t go wrong by starting your day off with positive suggestions. Look at yourself in the mirror, while you brush your teeth, do your hair, etc. Thank every single body part you have, flowing your love and appreciation to each part as you think of it and appreciate it. For example, “I love my strong legs for getting me up and out of bed everyday and allowing me the mobility to explore my reality”

Before & During Specific Activities – Going to the gym for an hour? Use that hour to not only workout but flow positive thoughts to your body. “I have a beautiful strong body. This workout is a demonstration of my strength. My body is strong and lean. Fat melts off my body and I am exactly the weight I want to be” etc.

When coming up with the thoughts to suggest to yourself, be sure to avoid thoughts of what you do not want. You could have said “this meal will not make me fat”. However in that sentence your still focused on what you do not want. Don’t do that to yourself, always find suggestive thoughts that are reiterating and focused on the outcome of what you actually want, not what you don’t want.

It Really Helps to Know you Create Your Reality

To really use self suggestion you must have accepted that you create your reality. This becomes so that every time you are using the affirmations you do it intentionally knowing you are affirming your belief and so it will be true for you because of that. This knowing and intention is essential to the process. You cannot willy nilly just throw out affirmative statements or self suggestion hoping that things will work out while feeling that they aren’t.

When you affirm each suggestion it must come from a place of knowing that the self suggestion will have an affect. If you are unsure of this you should focus more on understanding how you really do create your reality. Self suggestion can still be helpful however, especially in building up and reinforcing a perspective you have accepted as truth even if some conflicting beliefs need to be worked out.

Important Suggestive Beliefs to Repeat and Reinforce as Often as Possible

There are many important suggestive beliefs you can use to help you in particular areas of your life. Which ones you choose to reinforce on the regular or make a particular intent to focus on should be especially helpful for you. If you feel you have confidence issues than regularly saying to yourself, “I am worthy without condition” or a similar statement would be beneficial. There are things that we can all benefit from suggesting to ourselves however. For example, set yourself up for success from the get go by suggesting to yourself that “I will only react to suggestions that are helpful to me”. This way you can also start to trust events that get your attention have something helpful to offer you in the way of learning about yourself, situation, problems, etc.

Great Statements for Self Suggestion:

“I will react only to constructive or helpful suggestions”

“I am a being unlimited by nature”

“My true nature or self is one of vast and unlimited power and understanding”

“All is well”

“I am unconditionally loved and loving”


Using Self Suggestion to Counter our Negative Thoughts

Sometimes you can go through your day and end up thinking something terrible and then find yourself even scolding yourself for that thought. Law of Attraction practitioners may find themselves in this situation far more often, as they are keen to monitor their own thoughts. They will have a negative thought and then it can be just another reason to be upset with oneself. However these are great moments for us to utilize in changing our reality. When you catch yourself catching yourself in a negative though, remember to immediately replace it with a good thought. For example, if you think to yourself “geez i’m ugly” and then realize you didn’t want to think that. Use that moment to then say to yourself, “Actually, I am beautiful. I am beautiful because i’m intelligent, I have lovely skin, I have lovely hair, I love my nose, I love the shape of my body, I have a great laugh…” the longer you can go on about the opposite of the statement you didn’t want to make, the more you reinforce its opposite feeling. The more you reprogram yourself to automatically have the thoughts you really want that will create the reality you truly want to live.

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