Interpret Signs and Symbols

Interpret Signs and Symbols

To know how to interpret your own signs and symbols starts with acknowledging that you are receiving these signs and symbols all the time. They come from yourself, but the part of you that knows your true nature. It is guidance, so it is also valuable to recognize the ways in which signs and symbols come to you.

Our physical reality is a representation of the inner so there are really no such thing as coincidences. The fact is that what we experience in our reality, even down to every aspect of it, can be a meaningful indicator for us. All we need to do is seek out the correlation. However we all experience more significant events where something grabs our attention, brief unexplained moments of coincidence. Then there are the thoughts, images, and feelings we have that come out of the blue. Maybe you tend to see a certain animal over and over. Everything in our reality can be interpreted as significant to us – a message to us. These are our signs and symbols.

The Guidance is About Your Beliefs

The guidance that comes in the form of signs and symbols are meant to help you understand the vibration you are activating. The guidance is not an indicator that something outside of you is trying to harm you or effecting you. You should interpret your signs and symbols as letting you know- this is what I’m activating on this topic. If you are having a recurring nightmare about being chased- it is an indication of what you believe about your reality, not something happening to you outside of your control. Even seeing a certain animal can help you understand where you are allowing your mind to be at. It is so easy to want to look at things and say, what is effecting me, but we have to understand that we are the creators. All of our signs and symbols are about how we are effecting ourselves through the beliefs we choose to think, feel, and expect about any topic in life.

What Question Are You Asking

In order to interpret your own signs and symbols you have to be aware, what questions are you asking right now. When you consciously pose a question to the universe the answer is always available, immediately. Look at what is happening or happens shortly after you’ve asked and you’ll see a correlation, an interpretation that is meaningful to you. We are always essentially asking questions, or facing situations we want guidance on. We are receiving it, even if we don’t know that we are seeking that knowledge. The more you start to look at your surroundings and see your reality and what goes on as answers to your asking. Then you can start creating the correlation between the questions or thoughts you are focusing on and the answer you are getting.

Use Meditation to Receive Clarity

Sometimes you might find that you are randomly thinking of things and you cannot understand where they come from or what the point is. This is because for the most part we humans spend a lot of our time randomly focused. Our busy lives, environment and even other people take our thoughts from topic to topic. We don’t cultivate any time or focus working on our ability to focus which we could majorly benefit from. This does not mean you need to become a monk somewhere and not speak for the rest of your life. This does mean that you can recognize the importance of asking questions, of using intent and then interpreting signs.

Instead of willy nilly wondering what it’s about, focusing your intent on certain topics and then interpreting signs and symbols can be extra helpful. We certainly have the ability to ask specific questions and receive answers. However it helps to go into a meditative state. There we can calm our mind and really focus on the question, then allow the answer.

Your Interpretation is Right

When we look to understand ourselves many of times we look to our physical reality for this evidence. As in a sense the last representation or manifestation of what is going on inside us, and the vastness of which we are, you can find a multitude of opinions. There are plenty of ways to interpret for example a sudden image of a rainbow, and you’ll find a description of them all on the internet or to be explored in an English class. The truth is that it doesn’t matter so much what others think as it does what you think. How did that rainbow make you feel? what do you think it could represent? What were you asking for when you received the image? Most of the time it is obvious. Other times it might not be, but unlike in English class, you can’t be wrong. Your interpretation is right and will come in the form of random thoughts, remembered events, having certain feelings, and anything that comes to a certain topic after you make a question known. If it is helpful to you, if it makes you feel better, well that is the guidance we all want and can get whenever we seek it, on any topic.

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