Law of Attraction Example

I was vacationing in beautiful British Columbia for 2 weeks, and I was a week into it. My wonderful, lovely, amazing boyfriend had left, unfortunately he couldn’t stay for very long with me. I was all alone, though my mother in a cabin close by. Still with him gone I had more of a resolve to feel good, focus on my thoughts, focus on meditation. My mother and I decided to do some thrift store shopping, since there are a couple of them in Aggasiz, the small town beside Harrison Hot Springs, where I was staying.

I am not much of a shopper but I like to look in case I see something I like. We were headed into one of the stores, but outside they had a small selection of books, maybe 3 or 4 sitting on a used wood dresser for sale. One book in particular caught my attention, the title is intriguing. “Reincarnation, the Phoenix Fire Mystery”. I flipped through it a bit and decided to buy it, as I knew it couldn’t cost me more than a dollar or two, despite the old price tag on the front of $15.50.

Law of Attraction Example
Law of Attraction Example

I went into the store where they had a larger selection of books, found another about channeling, and purchased the two, for $2. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that there were multiple newspaper clippings someone had inserted into the pages of the book. Each clipping about different cases of reincarnation.

Whomever inserted these clippings also wrote the date atop one particular clipping, “7th April 1987 Weekly World News”, it says. This particular article talks about a 7 year old boy who remembers his past life, being a soldier killed 130 years ago. Nonchalantly, I decide to google, Weekly World News. They have a website now, and so I click on it. The top article that comes up is called “Secret of Universe hidden in old issue” and it was written July 10, 2018. I click on it. To my surprise, the article says,

            “Reports have surfaced that the secret to the Universe has been discovered in an old Weekly World News issue. Researchers are not sure exactly which issue but believe it involves an issue that features a seven year old boy.” !!!!!!

When I read that, my mind was blown, not just for a couple of seconds, but like, for the entire evening. What are the chances that I would pick up this random book in a used bookstore. Find old clippings some person decided to put in this book, and specifically, the clipping featuring a 7 year old boy, and then google the newspaper, to find an article posted July 10, 2018, talking specifically about this article I have in my hands now (which was published April 7th, 1987). But it gets better.

Law of Attraction Example

On the other side of that article featuring the 7 year old boy is an advertisement that says “Make anyone do anything you mentally command, with your mind alone”. If you have read through my blogs on my personal website, or know me, you know I believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe we are the creators of our reality, and that there is no true separation between any of us. I know telepathy is a very real thing, and I know that the mind is everything. Let me just say, Mind = Blown.

Law of Attraction Example

The universe is not just getting my attention, its full on screaming at me, and I am listening. It is important to note that I’ve made massive strides in my life in the last few years. I’ve overcome things I’ve struggled with for years, all using the knowledge of the law of attraction. As I call the energy into my life in stronger and stronger ways, and become more of a deliberate creator every single day. I feel the difference in myself and I’m looking forward to the future more than ever.

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