LOA Evidence in the Small Things

When it comes down to it, my belief in the Law of Attraction comes from the evidence that I see in my own reality. I know my thoughts – maybe to well- I’ve always been very self-analyzing. Maybe that has made things easier for me, because when I started to consider the Law of Attraction and what it actually means. It didn’t take long for me to see the correlation between my thoughts and focus, and what shows up in my reality.

LOA evidence in the small things

It is the reason I have such a conviction in this knowledge as well – far too many things now to be a coincidence have occurred. While I haven’t been able to manifest the billion dollars I intend to yet, I’ve certainly pulled off some deliberate creations. However most of the time it is after the fact that I realize, I attracted that, it was all me.

The Small Things Make it Obvious

Do you ever think about a person, and then they call you? Do you ever think, huh, I was just looking at that photo and noticing that chocolate lab, and then all of a sudden your bff gets a chocolate lab. Maybe it’s a certain number you spent a minute focusing on and thinking about, and now it shows up everywhere? I remember once just randomly thinking about dolphins, and then all of a sudden had someone I didn’t know messaged me on Xbox and the word dolphin was in their username. It is the Law of Attraction going to work for you. The Law of Attraction is always working, with every thought, in every moment.

I notice now more than ever correlations between my thoughts, focus, and my reality. For instance, certain words catch my attention. Like the word “Veld”. In my current job I came across this word. The nature of my work meant I had to google it, so I was thinking about it. It also just stuck out to me, probably because it’s a v word. You don’t often see V words. It also sounds “cool”, at least I think so. What is the likelihood that shortly after dealing with that name, I came across another name, which also had the word veld in it. I wouldn’t say likely, but it happened.

It is not just with words though. I take the train to work, and have to take an escalator up to ground level. For the last week they have been doing maintenance on the up escalator, and so we are forced to walk up the down side. I don’t particularly like it. I’m tired in the morning and I don’t want to walk up and be out of breath. So every morning I’ve been disappointed, as I look at whether or not they’ve fixed it. So the other day they fixed it! Finally! Except today they started work on the other side, meaning I had to walk up, and I found myself super annoyed. I allowed myself to get angry. I even said to myself, I hate you maintenance people for taking so long. Well wouldn’t you know, at lunch I went to go to the food court. Both the up and down escalator, that I’ve never seen out of order in all this time, is not working. Of course!

It works the same with the train. I like to stand at the end of the train station, hidden behind the staircase. The train normally spans the length of the platform. However I found recently they had some shorter trains, and so the train didn’t make it as far as where I stood. Too many people would have to cram into that last small cab and so when that happens, typically I wouldn’t make it on and would have to wait. It started to annoy me. I found myself wondering if it was gonna happen today? And typically as I worried, it would happen. Since I’ve started to be conscious of my thoughts about the train and specifically imagine the train stopping in front of me, it hasn’t been short for a while now.

Another example. I specifically thought the day before yesterday about smashing my phone. I wondered, will it ever happen? Since I have dropped my phone a million times and I’ve never cracked the screen. Yet when I was thinking about it I focused on that thought a bit more, and I remember distinctly thinking about it for more than a few seconds. Well low and behold, my cat jumped from the coffee table onto my computer desk yesterday. My phone dropped and the screen is now cracked.

After the escalator situation today, I had to giggle to myself, like ok universe. I get it. What I think and feel, matters. I gotta focus on expecting and thinking things are working out for me, if I want them to.

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