Manifesting a Partner

Manifesting a partner and not just any person but “the one” is a priority for most people. It makes sense though because relationships are like the ice cream in a banana split and the cherry on top. What is a banana split without the ice cream and the cherry? How happy would you be with just a banana and some chocolate fudge?

Manifesting a Partner

Without good relationships you can have all of the abundance and health but still be unhappy. With good relationships you can have no abundance and bad health, but still be happy because of those relationships. They are important and there is no reason we shouldn’t be focusing on being happier with the people in our lives, but also excited about finding “the one”. Manifesting a partner is about identifying the very specific traits of the partner you want then, and focusing only on seeing those traits in potential partners.

I’ve been eager most of my life to find the one – I’ve dated so many guys, honestly. I’ve become really good at moving on quickly when I knew it wasn’t quite the situation I am looking for. Before I really believed in the Law of Attraction I was pretty ok with being single for forever if I couldn’t find that person for me. I was not prepared to be in a relationship that was not completely satisfying in all the ways that mattered to me most. To me, relationships have been work and you end up sacrificing a bit for the person you are with. This is not so bad when you are completely in love, and all the major points fit. It doesn’t really feel like a sacrifice, more of a compromise, and the reward is the love and affection of your partner. When you don’t fit, however, it is a sacrifice and it always seems so much larger than I anticipated.

Needless to say it is very important than if you are going to pick a life partner, that you pick someone you are very compatible with. Even if you are not looking for a life partner you still want to identify the traits of the kind of individuals you want to attract in your life. Do you want carefree, happy, personality or do you want that Debbie downer? The difference comes with focus. This is why you need to create a list.

The Importance of the List

A list is important because we are all human so our recall is not gonna be on point. You will forget what you have identified previously that you want. It helps to have this written reference so that when you want to spend some time thinking of the perfect partner. You have a go to list that makes it easy for you to imagine the kind of person you want.

I get surprised sometimes when I go back to my list and read it over and see what I’ve identified. It’s like, oh yeah! I would love a man like that. You just get a bit more excited as you see what you’ve thought of before that might not come to mind in the moment. It is also an amazing feeling when you meet someone and realize – he/she fits the list! And you know cuz you have it written down.

Using Visualization in Manifesting a Partner

Once you’ve got your list going than you’ll want to start taking some time for visualization. Visualization is really just about using your imagination to imagine things being the way you want. Like how you can see the scene playing out from a movie you just watched in your mind, instead you create your own movie. When it comes to manifesting a partner, you want to specifically visualize interacting with someone who acts in the way they would if they had the traits you want. For example, if kindness is important, imagine yourself on a date. Walking out of a restaurant, you come across someone who asks you for change. Instead of getting angry, or just ignoring that person, your date gives them money, like it was no big deal. Using visualization in this way is very effective and you can either imagine from 3rd or first person. While it is like day dreaming, you should be doing it in an attitude of understanding how reality works. Which is that what we believe, we receive.

If you really want to meet a partner that fits your list you need to perform the visualization exercise in an attitude of knowing that your focus matters. What you think about, feel, and expect, even in other people, you get. So when you use visualization you need to do so in an attitude of knowing that as you visualize, you are attracting what you visualize and also the feelings you feel as you do it. If you have a strong resistance in your relationships than visualization on what you want is the key to creating positive momentum to replace the resistance. You have to stop giving negative energy through your thoughts to bad relationships – the moment you find yourself doing that, use your list and visualization to shift your focus and replace your thoughts and expectations with what you really want.

I personally keep a physical journal which I’ve labelled my “I want” book. Its where I write down what I’ve identified that I want, including in a partner. Below is a bit from my list, an example of what kind of traits you can and should identify in the kind of partner you want:

I want someone who believes and actively practices the knowledge he creates his reality

I want someone who wants to have lots of children and who also wants to adopt

I want someone who really loves animals and doesn’t mind kissing and cuddling them

I want someone who is as passionate about loving me as I am about loving them in all ways

I want someone who celebrates holidays and loves to take opportunities to celebrate and have fun

I want someone who is established in their life, who has the freedom to do what they want when they want

I want someone who loves to text and be in contact all day

I want someone who I can talk about our future together with and make long term plans for the future

I want someone who I always feel secure about, and about their loyalty and love for me

I want someone who is very loyal and only wants to be with one person

I want someone who is always truthful no matter what, not just with me but with himself, and others

I want someone who is kind to every single person he meets

I want someone who knows what they want in a relationship, business, and in life

I want someone I can go into business with, and who will be easy and enjoyable to work with

I want someone I trust completely

I want a man who makes decision about life with me, who sees us as a partnership, to work together

I have so much on my list that it would be to long (and maybe a bit to personal) to put up here. However you get the idea- the list is where you get very specific. Focus on your list – add to it when you feel the impulse to, and review it when you start focusing on manifesting a partner.


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