Nature Of Existence Beliefs

Nature of Existence beliefs, describing what is the basic truth about our reality in accordance with the knowledge of the law of attraction and our eternal nature and source. These statements can help you to remember and affirm the true nature of our existence. That is that we each create our reality through our thoughts, feelings, and expectations of it, down to every aspect.

Nature of Existence Beliefs

Nature of Existence Beliefs

I am a extension of source energy, God, all that is.

I am a soul, an entity, a being, and I am eternal.

I use my consciousness to create the physical reality around me

I use and manipulate energy to create my reality through my thoughts and feelings

My thoughts and feelings about every aspect of my existence are what make every aspect of my existence what it is

I am unique in this world and so is every other being

My perspective makes me unique, the combination of what I think and feel and therefore experience in my existence

I am connected to all things, and all things are connected to me, which means that we are all extensions of the same source and possess the same basic, inherent, traits and abilities

Everything and everyone is creating their reality through their desires, expectations, thoughts, and feelings

The basic truth of the universe is that like vibration/frequency attracts other same vibration/frequency.

My vibration and frequency is determined by how I am feeling, and feelings are a result of what I am thinking and which beliefs I am activating with my thought.

I am a creator, endowed with the abilities of source energy. I can choose my thoughts and feelings and therefore create my reality through the choice of my focus on any given topic or in any given moment or experience.

Life is meant to be fun just because I have the ability to make it so by choosing to focus on it being fun, and why would I choose it to not be fun when fun is better than not fun.

I am a very focused being, and I can’t help but focus, and I can change how long I keep focus on any given topic, with intent and practice.

I am a elastic, resilient, experienced and wise being

The universe and every one’s existence, literally and figuratively (the distinction only existing because I see it as so), is actually, eternally, experiencing wellbeing and will never, ever, face extinction or no longer being

I cannot unbe what is be’d already

I literally have every experience, ever, open as a possibility to my soul and to experience through my consciousness

Please note that everything I write is heavily influenced by Esther Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham, as well as the Seth Books by Jane Roberts. I’m also influenced by the teachers and resources listed on my Law of Attraction Resources Page.

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