The Number 44

The number 44 has never really had any significance to me, if you asked me my favourite number it would be either 5 or 8. While i’m aware that 8 can reduce to 2 four’s, still, there was never anything special about the number 4 or any connection to 44, until recently. About a year ago I had the strangest experience. Sitting in my bed, just thinking I’m sure, the Xbox on, but sitting on the main menu. I looked at the tv and I saw the numbers 44.

the number 44

I blinked a few times, totally surprised but not scared to see these numbers. You know when you close your eyes and see a sorta of orangey light outline of what you were seeing when your eyes were open? It was that kind of light. Yet my eyes were open and the numbers 44 were very distinct. Circular balls of light forming the numbers 44. At the time the experience was so completely random I had absolutely no clue what it meant. Why the heck am I seeing the number 44? Strange things never happen to me, and this was the strangest so far.

I of course decided to google 44, but came up with nothing that really spoke to me. I couldn’t find much information about it, and the sources I was looking at, I didn’t trust. It was weird and made no sense and so I resigned to possibly never understand the experience.

Fast forward to this last weekend. Friday I had the impulse to google psychics, and came upon a page of an Edmonton psychic and I messaged her. She responded shortly after and I made an appointment for the very next day. I have googled psychics before but never contacted one let alone made an appointment. I felt a little nervous before I went Saturday. I tried to think of some questions to ask, there are topics in my life I need some guidance on. I remembered my 44 experience and I thought, if I have time, I’ll ask about it.

When I arrived she asked me to write down questions, as many as I like. I didn’t have many questions, and so asking about the number 44 made the list. When we came to it, she said, it is your spirit guides letting you know, you are in the right place at the right time. Everything is as it should be. When we were talking about it, I realized that the address of the psychic had a 44 in it, and an 8. I then drew the connection that my own address, 4409, also had the number 44 in it. Even though I was living in the same place when I had the seeing 44 experience, I hadn’t made the connection.

Now my life has been an interesting one for sure but over the last few years I’ve started to recognize that there is a purpose to it all. While I’m not quite sure what the “end” result is going to be, I have felt that all the ups and downs, all the turmoil, it was meant for something. I had a path to follow even if I was following it blindly. I can’t help but feel, everything is happening for a reason, it is all a part of a plan. There was a moment when I first started to read about energy that I was in shock at what I was discovering. Since prior to that life had felt so dull, so, all for nothing, and then to discover this information as an adult. I felt I was tricked, like why is this coming to me now, when if I had known years ago I could have, maybe, avoided all of that. At least I felt that way at that point, though now I realize, there was a purpose to all that turmoil.

After leaving the psychic I decided to google 44 again. Then I discover that the number 44 is about business, business that benefits many generations. People who connect with the number 44 are focused on conscientious, efficient, business building. Which shocked me quite frankly, yet again. Since I am focused on business. I’m focused on building something that will help people, and I’ve had visions for a grand corporation. A corporation that not only redefines the populations way of helping themselves, but sets a new tone for how we treat employees, how a corporation should be run, for the benefit of everyone. This company is called Beliefs Advisor. I received the idea for Beliefs Advisor quite a while ago and it has taken me some time to even allow myself to think about it seriously, let alone formulate an actual company.

Yet here we are now, where I’ve created a product, I’ve got the website going, and I’m in the refining stages before I launch this company. A company that I am now so sure will be successful. A company that I’m so sure will fulfill my visions, just awaiting me to gain a little more confidence. It is just waiting for me to catch my energy up, to finish the work that I will then through Beliefs Advisor, teach to others so they can successfully feel better, and gain the confidence they want. It is actually amazing and shocks me – yet at the same time, I feel like there is a lot to look forward to, and I’m excited to know, I’m gonna be shocked a lot more.

I do see the number 44 now as my number, maybe even my favourite. It is reassuring me, when I see it, I’m in the right place. It is significant to me – had I not had that experience a year ago, I wouldn’t have trusted the psychic as much. Just the fact that her address had 44 in it- that was enough for me. Enough for me to trust her advice and what she said, and for me to know, I’m on the right path, exactly where I should be, everything is working out.

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