Scene Visualization

Scene visualization is a tool that we can use to help create a strong, positive association and momentum on topics that were previously very difficult.Take a minute and pic a specific topic, person, place or thing that you want to change. The first step is to identify the positive beliefs and thoughts and expectations you want to have about a topic. Then what you want to do is, in your minds eye, imagine the positive change you want like its a movie. Use all the details of your typical interactions with the topic but with your new, positive, desired, spin. You use scene visualization by using the identified positive beliefs and expectations and associating them with a movie in your head.

Scene Visualization Law of Attraction

For example, if there is a person in your family that you have in particular a difficult relationship. Whether its a sister that doesn’t stop bugging you, or a child that is always acting out. When you think of them you might already have a typical, bad, interaction come to mind. You might already have a scene that plays that shows you the bad response from the past, or just a new, expected one your creating about the future.

You’ll then want to take a moment to write down how you would rather have that interaction go, or rather have that person respond to you. In the case of a child that is always acting out. You might write something like below.


The current scene visualization and feelings:

“My child is yelling and screaming the minute I ask them to do anything. It seems like I’m always walking on eggshells around them, afraid to say or do anything to cause an explosion. I just want more respect and more help around the house.”

In this scenario, the positive statements you would write out would be something like:

  1. My child is a good person and is a happy person. I love to see them smiling more than anything

  2. My child also has a inner being that is guiding them to their own happiness and most joyous living experience

  3. My child has respect for me and is nice to me

  4. I can admit that i’ve gotten use to all the yelling and screaming and now I just expect it, and I worry about it a lot. I’ve given a lot of my attention, focus, and energy to responding and expecting my child to be in a bad mood. I haven’t given any focus, attention, and energy to deliberately expecting my child to be more happy and less confrontational. However now that i’m going to practice expecting my child to be happier and friendlier, I know things will become that way.

  5. The more I try to think of it, the more I can remember all of the happy times we’ve had together. I remember when communication was easier and I wasn’t so worried about saying the wrong thing. I know that we would both be happier if we were nicer to each other like we use to be.

  6. I love when my child is friendly, and can communicate openly with me

Now that you know what you want, you can formulate the visual for it. Imagine yourself in your living room, or the kitchen, wherever you typically are interacting with your child when you have that negative experience you no longer want. Imagine having a conversation that goes how you would want. Imagine your child smiling. Imagine giving each other a hug, or laughing and joking together.

Now that you’ve created the visual scene of how you’d like to interact with your child, you can use it anytime. The goal is that when you find yourself starting to focus on how difficult the relationship is, you can instead stop yourself early. Remember you create your reality, and play the scene you’d rather experience in your mind. You’ll feel better because as you visualize the happy scene, your going to relax and feel that way. Even if your still working on totally allowing yourself to believe that you create your reality and that you can change the interactions with your loved ones or friends. This will help you to feel better, instead of imaging that scene where things go wrong. You can use the visualization of the happy scene as a way to distract your mind, occupy it basically, but with what you want. The more you practice it, the more you’ll find you worry less, and actually experience it in your reality, more.

The whole goal with using visualization in this way is that it helps you create the feeling you really want while also creating an impression. If you just think the thought, “My child is nice to me” without the right feeling and emotion behind it, its impact isn’t as strong. When you’ve created a scene that has details like a specific conversation that you can watch yourself and your child have, see your lips moving, watch the two of you hug, the impact is stronger in terms of feeling. This serves you if you try to feel also how good it would feel to have that kind of interaction while your imagining it. I personally have found that forming a movie in my minds eye in third person, like watching myself, is easier for me. However if you find that you can watch a scene from your own perspective and still have an impact or stronger impact on your feeling. Than you should do that. Its all about doing what creates the best stronger happy, enjoyable, feeling for you while you visualize. The better you are at achieving that happy, elated state, which is how you know you are on a higher vibration/frequency, the more you’ll see the change in your reality to what you want.

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