What is High Frequency or Vibration

If you are wondering what is high frequency or vibration you’ve come to the right place. There is never-ending advice out there on how to live better lives. Often in a self-help journey or as you peruse the new age world. Achieving a high frequency or high vibration seems to be all the buzz, the way to enlightenment, and all that jazz. Yet there is little clear explanation on exactly what that means and how to achieve it. What is high frequency or vibration? You might feel you have to achieve it because it will make life better, and that’s a goal we all want to achieve. But how?

What is High Frequency or Vibration

High frequency or vibration is often described in terms of a radio station. If you are on channel 103.5, you are not going to hear what is on channel 109.3. This is true, however, it still isn’t an explanation to how you can manoeuvre from one channel to the next. Never mind achieve this “higher” vibration which is like this elusive good place that might not seem achievable because you are not necessarily a perfect person. Yet we all want to be happy and so we strive for it, ready to do whatever it takes to get to this higher vibration.

The word “higher” is misleading

The word higher has a lot of beliefs attached to it that can be confusing when we are talking about frequency or vibration. Yet, it is the easiest way to describe it. It is misleading though because it used in a way that makes it seem like this state of being is hard to achieve. It’s a “higher” or more elusive state. Like getting to the high level on a video game, and the levels are increasing in difficulty. For many it might also give an impression of exclusivity, something that only “special” people who’ve devoted their lives, achieve.

What is High Frequency or Vibration, Exactly, in Human Terms

High frequency or vibration in human terms is simply an elated, excited, ecstatic, happy, feeling that accompanies thinking thoughts that create those emotions. An easy breakdown goes something like this:

High Frequency or Vibration = Thoughts, feelings, emotions, that feel really, really good and make you feel happy, excited, elated. They make you feel this way because they are in harmony with the knowing of source energy, and your basic nature.

Low Frequency or Vibration = Thoughts, feelings, emotions, that feel just a little bad to really, really, really bad and make you feel insecure, fearful, and worried.

So really the state of enlightenment is just a person who has aligned all of their inner perspectives, beliefs, or the majority of them, with the knowing of source energy. They feel good the majority of the time because they deliberately choose to focus on thoughts that feel good.  Thoughts that reflect the knowledge that they are eternal beings creating their reality through their focus. When something happens that misaligns them, they easily move back into alignment with the knowledge of their basic, creative, eternal, nature and that of everyone.

 A person in a state of enlightenment and high frequency or vibration has created so much positive momentum around the knowledge of their eternal, creative, nature that any thought of fear or worry doesn’t get very far or have any strong, associated emotions anymore. They are very secure in the knowledge of their true nature and so they don’t place responsibility on anyone else for how they feel or how their reality goes. They don’t have a reason to fear anything anymore, and so they don’t. That is all enlightenment is, and it is easily achievable for everyone. In fact if we could calm our minds and stop thought, we’d find ourselves feeling good, because we all naturally have a high vibration. It is simply the thoughts we choose to think that introduce resistance and lowers our vibration.

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