What is the Law of Attraction

What Is the Law of Attraction

What Is The Law Of Attraction

If your asking yourself what is the law of attraction, the basic idea is that like attracts like. More specifically that positive thoughts attract positive experiences and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. The exact implications of this statement is that we create our reality. There are many great teachers who promote this Law in various ways and from various perspectives. One thing is true, however, and that is that you’ll find many of the most successful people on our earth know about it and use it to their advantage.

How Does It Work?

Basically its that what you predominantly think and feel about any topic, person, place, thing, or idea. Is what you attract, and what you create in your experiences. That includes the response you get from others, your relationships, your day to day reality and environment, your physical health, and even your financial success. Through the law of attraction those thoughts, perspective, and expectations call to you what you actually experience as your reality. So when you want to change your reality, you have to change your thoughts, feelings, and your mood on any given subject. That is why visualization is a big tool, because through visualizing yourself already being and doing and having what you want. You create a feeling of having it now and are practicing that feeling at the same time. The more you do that, the more you feel that way, and then what is the law of attraction must yield to you. It is a truly transformative approach and understanding of life.


What Does it Have to Do With Beliefs?

Many people feel very drawn to this idea but have trouble with real progress in their ability to create as conscious creators. What I have come to understand and what many of the great teachers purport is the need to tend to our beliefs. Our beliefs are just thoughts that we keep thinking, which have become almost invisible in the way that they influence our perspective. When you accept that you are the creator of your reality, now you can start weeding out those beliefs that don’t support that knowledge, and there are plenty. For example, if you create your reality, it is a contradictory belief to think that something outside of you could harm you in spite of your own creative power. Since then that thing would be creating your reality and not you. If you have a belief in evil and a belief you create your experience, its like saying. Well I create only sometimes, but then there are other times when I have no control. It doesn’t work because its contradictory. That effect cancels out a lot I believe, in our creations. Since if you think you can’t do something while also thinking you can, there is little wiggle room for it to happen for you when your holding it back with the expectation it can’t happen. So its important for us to analyze the beliefs that operate and make a point of emphasizing the non contradictory, supporting belief that you are an all powerful, eternal, being on whatever topic we are focusing on.


Am I really an eternal being, all powerful being?

Yup, you are. Believe it! because its just facts and even if you are adverse to completely accepting its truth. You will find that the more you feel good, that the more you feel that feeling, and that knowing. Its not only the most logical conclusion you’ll ever come to about life, but the sooner you accept it. The sooner you will be on your way to becoming the Master Deliberate Creator that you are.


How Can I Prove the Law Of Attraction to Myself?

Proving what is the Law of Attraction to yourself is very important and is not something you should think that you can’t do, because you certainly can and its kinda the point. If you couldn’t prove it to yourself than how could it be true? In fact the more evidence you show yourself the more you’ll realize that it is probably one of the most fundamental laws of nature if not the most. Proving it is will be dependent on you though. What does it take for you to believe it. I found for myself that I recognized that my life, in general, went according to my expectations. I always got what I wanted when I knew I would get it. Also as a naturally curious and inquisitive, analytical person my experiences had brought me to a knowing that my beliefs made a difference in how I felt. I knew I could convince myself of anything, because I had already been practicing that in my relationships. I easily fell in love but I knew that by thinking a certain way, I could “convince myself” I had different feelings. Then despite being emotionally attached I could easily move on when things weren’t going my way through changing my thoughts. I was very deliberate in that way, and even through my education in psychology I understood the power of beliefs and expectations. So when I first read about the Law of Attraction and the more in-depth explanations. I was a bit shocked to recognize I had been utilizing it already in my life with results and without knowing. That basis allowed me to explore it further and now I have to many examples to deny its truth to myself. Whether you need scientific evidence, religious, philosophical, or just that feeling. You’ll find it when you start looking for it, that is the power of the law of attraction at work for you.


Supporting Materials and Influential Teachers to Help You Better Know What is the Law of Attraction

If you are new to the Law of Attraction I recommend looking up and reviewing material by other loa teachers. Finding and discovering the many resources available to you will help you to realize that this concept is not new. You’ll see that many people recognize the validity and use the LOA to their advantage in all areas of life including personal growth and development as well as in business. For a list of teachers I personally have been influenced by or recommended to check out, you can view LOA teachers and resources on my site here.


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