My Life My Thoughts

My Life, My Thoughts

My life and my thoughts is a blog space dedicated to expounding my honesty on random topics that I feel compelled to write about. So far that has included my own dream interpretation, blogs about my pets, thoughts about my life journey, and so much more. I like to categorize things and so this is the kind of “catch all” space for items that don’t necessarily need their own category but that I want to post.

I’ve Been a Private Blogger All of My Life

I’ve been a private blogger all of my life and what I mean by that is that ever since I can remember I have written about my life and experience. It has been like a form of therapy for me. I can express myself and get it out and feel like I worked it out via paper and pen, or now, typing it out. I’ve been keeping a journal for a very long time.

My Life My Thoughts

I have physical journals from grade 10 – 18 years old, and after that the records are digital. Page after page of me spewing my heart about the latest heartbreak, anger, or random musings. I’ve had trouble expressing myself human to human and so maybe writing has just been the release I’ve needed to be able to sort my thoughts, but I’ve come to enjoy it.

My Life, My Thoughts, My Website is an Extension of Myself

I love that I have this website which is basically an extension of me and who I am. You wouldn’t really get to know me or see me at this level of detail. This part of my blog gives a more general but also deeper glimpse of who I am. It hosts my opinions and random thoughts. I know that probably in 5 years from now, I will be different than the person I am as I’m writing this. Life is about transformation and fun, and to have those things you need to be forgiving to yourself and others. That is something I work on all of the time and I hope is reflected in my writing.

My Life My Thoughts Posts

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