Acceptance of Love Oracle Card

The Acceptance of Love Oracle Card

So today, I’m choosing to focus more on Love, or more specifically, the acceptance of love. This morning I had a little time before I left for work and so I decided to do a reading for myself with my new oracle deck which I absolutely love. The cards are absolutely beautiful. It’s been a bit of a challenge for me to connect with the readings, but I think that’s just because I’m so use to my tarot cards. I find sometimes the readings I do for myself on the new deck are helpful, other times I’m like, blah.

Today felt especially pointed, however, because I got “Acceptance of Love”, “Inner Truth”, and “The Big Picture” cards. I think the reason they’ve not spoken to me as well in the past is because I’ve just not been in the best place to listen, not necessarily because they aren’t working. I get very similar cards all of the time despite the fact that I shuffle the deck and then randomly pick the cards (the ones that catch my attention). What that means to me, is that the message is consistent I just have yet to take it in.

The Acceptance of Love oracle card in a 3 card tarot reading

The Acceptance of Love Card Spoke to Me Today

These cards spoke to me today because, well, I’ve began to get a bit more open to the change that’s occurring in my life. Trying to find ways to accept it, to get back on my trajectory upwards. I’ve also recently begun to feel the renewed energy from a desire to become more focused than I have been. A lot has been happening in my life in the last year, but in particular, the last few months. I’m in a transition period, mainly due to the fact that I’m currently almost 6 months pregnant. It has been bringing up a lot of emotions, some of which I felt prepared for and others I’ve been surprised by. My sister also recently passed away which caused another uproar of emotions and feelings I was surprised to have. Then you add a tumultuous relationship to the mix and it’s been a challenge (to say the least) in keeping my energy high and in balance.

I feel like in a way I’ve hit “rock bottom”, even though it’s not been nearly as far down as rock bottom has been in the past. For my new high vibe life, however, it’s been low. What’s great is that ok, the last few days, I’m picking back up. The energy is there and I’m being guided to get refocused. I know positive things are coming, because the more I focus on them, the more I will let it in. The cards have reiterated my need to work on my focus, and one in particular spoke to me this morning.

The Acceptance of Love Oracle Card

This one has especially spoken to me today because I’ve not felt that loved lately. I regularly combat a feeling of loneliness, but for some reason, the last few weeks and even yesterday was highlighting it within me to the point where I just couldn’t really bring myself away from the feeling. When that happens I know it is something I need to address, I can’t ignore it. I’m always thinking of things in terms of the Law of Attraction, because I know I create my reality. I know any feeling of being alone or any reality of being alone, it is a reflection of the feeling I’m having, not necessarily the way my reality needs to be. So if I want to change my experience, I need to change the feeling. Yet that’s been hard due to thoughts about a difficult relationship, a loss of a sister, challenge with family, and of course, hopes for raising a healthy, happy, well balanced child in my current imbalanced reality. The card, and the words that accompanied it, were a reminder of what will help is focusing on accepting that I am actually loved.

How Can I feel the Acceptance of Love More

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this, how to feel loved, because I am loved. The obvious way, even if I am not feeling it, is that I can always focus on the love I have for myself. Except that still feels pretty lonely. So I’ve also begun to contemplate how there are forces, beings, teachers, in the non-physical that also feel love for me, and us all. I’m still trying to connect to that, and also connect it to the notion of the oneness that is at the basis of existence. We are not separate, but what does that even mean? And then how can I begin to feel that love? It is something I intend to focus more on, because I want to make that connection in my mind in a logical way so that it feels just as real as the love I feel for my daughter, or other people I care about in my life.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how much the child in my tummy loves me. I think she will, I think it will be hard for her not to, because I’ll be her mother and her caretaker. Also I know that we are connected not just because I’m growing her, but there’s a deeper connection. She chose me, I do believe our connection was prearranged. We likely do have lifetimes in the past together. Also just societies beliefs about a mother and her child will reinforce our connection and the expectation of love in that connection. That’s very special, and it’s a love and a caring that I immensely cherish.

Sometimes I struggle with feeling loved by family, and its not that I don’t feel love, but I feel a lot of conditions or other emotions that aren’t love coming from them. I don’t blame them for that (even if sometimes in a low place I do) because I know they care about me and when it seems like they don’t it is not really anyone’s fault. When I’m not in a good place its unfortunately easy for me to get low about what I feel is there lack of love though. I worry that if I try and focus on feeling it, it will make it harder when I don’t feel it. Yet my knowing of the LOA tells me, I can’t not have moments of not feeling it, unless I allow myself to feel it, so it’s a challenge I have to face for sure. It is not something I’m quite ready to reconcile, even though it clearly needs reconciliation.

Here’s my intention though, going forward: I intend to feel loved. I intend to know, fully, wholeheartedly, the unconditional love that comes from the source of my being, and I intend to discover that, know it, and connect with it more than I ever have before. I intend to find the feeling of love more often and more consistently.

Written by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin 

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