Elon Musk Tweet and the LOA

I was on twitter the other day, scrolling through my feed, and came across a tweet by Elon Musk. In the tweet he admits that he is feeling the best he has in a while, and it made me feel a little bad for him for about 2 seconds. Then I felt sorta amazed – Elon Musk, to me, is like a modern Henry Ford. So for him to make an admission of any kind of down-ness, well,  I just wondered. Does he know the power he has, or has he just stumbled on it? Is he consciously aware like I believe that Henry Ford was, or is he putting his power to use without really knowing how it is done.

Elon Musk Tweet

It has surprised me because he is very successful and he is innovative, and he has goals driven by a morality that wants the best for all of humanity-  at least that has been my general impression of him. For someone to achieve the level of success and recognition he has, I assumed that he is consciously aware of his power. Which is the power of his thoughts, feelings, and expectations. Now I’m like – maybe he is not fully aware, since he actually admitted to being a bit down. Also it seems that maybe he has lost some of his momentum lately. Though I can’t imagine someone in his position of power not having heard of the Law of Attraction. However I know that people can be quiet stubborn about maintaining a scientific view, and since the LOA is considered more of a “new age” mystical, and more related to the spiritual. I think a lot of intellectuals reject it without giving it much consideration for that reason. Of course I know that there is more than enough proof in any field if one really wants to see it. (which it should be, the idea that we create our reality is a unified field theory itself).

When it comes to Elon Musk, I wonder if he knows that it is the combination of not only his passion, desire, and strong focus on his work, but also his positive expectation, that gets him the “wins” he seems to get. It is pretty obvious the man is brilliant, probably knows his brilliance. Still I think it can be easier to lose confidence in oneself and one’s plan when you don’t understand that it’s the confidence and positive expectation that brings what one wants. I wonder if that is happening to him, and if it is, I hope he gets it back. I hope he can refocus – and I hope he has some even loftier ideas come through. Back to my original point, however, and it was that I think I was a bit shocked to realize that even the most successful people in this world can be unaware of the true nature of existence. Then it makes me so amazed, because I think, imagine what those people would accomplish if they truly understood how their power works.

I mean like Elon Musk – he was also on twitter talking about creating some kind of journalist rating website, clearly he’s a bit annoyed with his negative media attention. I suspect maybe he’s allowed that to get him down a bit – but the point is he is clearly an “ideas” man. He flows ideas easily – and I would say that’s obvious because he has multiple companies and clearly enjoys his work and the creation of something new or different. I am kind of like that myself, I have a million ideas all of the time for new businesses, new ways to improve stuff, novel ideas, whatever I focus on. I now recognize where that comes from, its tapping into that energy source that we all have access to that connects us all and holds all knowledge/perspectives. I just find it so insane that someone like Elon Musk can be utilizing their power without fully recognizing how it comes about and using that to his advantage. I feel that is maybe the case because for Elon Musk to tweet about someone or something that has so clearly bothered him. To take his millions of followers and put their energy and attention on it – just doesn’t seem like something someone would do who really understands the power of thoughts, focus, and feelings. He is unknowingly working against himself, and that can become a vicious cycle. Starts with a negative focus on someone, which creates more reasons and thoughts to focus negatively on that person. When it is someone attacking us, it is easy for that to take away from momentum of success in our life and endeavors. It waters down our energy, so to speak, and for someone like him who has achieved things that require the focus of I would say great amounts of energy. It becomes very important to not give attacks from others a lot of thought or energy.

I know that focus, thought, and feeling is everything, literally, and if I want anything to work in my life all I have to do is to focus on it working. You can’t entertain thoughts and feelings of what you don’t want if you don’t want it in your life anymore, period. That’s knowledge I work on integrating into my perspective every single day – we are creators and that means we are responsible for our experience. It all makes a lot more sense to me now, but I’ve been on this journey a little while. I still don’t even believe I’ve even begun to touch the tip of the iceberg of my enjoyment and success in life. There are still tons of topics and situations I’m working on within myself, positively reorienting myself around– recently I’ve started to really begin tackling how safe I feel in this world, which is a huge thing.

Regardless I’m just surprised that someone like Elon Musk might not be fully aware of the knowledge he is a creator, which I just mean, he doesn’t accept or think or believe in the LOA. It makes me wonder, is there anyone in this world that has fully integrated the knowledge? What would that kind of person look like anyway, and would they be in the public eye, or not? I really cannot imagine someone who has fully integrated the knowledge that they create their reality not being in the public eye, because they would change the world. I can imagine them doing it so effortlessly, because everything they think and feel would be easily explained with logic and an ease that comes from a very secure confidence.

Anyway its clear to me that we are all on this journey and at different stages in our understanding and creation and utilization of our energies. Which is the way it should be really, but I am excited to hopefully live in a world where even more high profile intellectuals and business people work with the knowledge that they create their reality and that we all do. How exciting our world would be if nobody worried but always acted from a place of security, excitement and innovation.

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