My Dream May 6 2018

My Dream May 6, 2018 - It’s a new day today and its early morning, I’ve just woken up and I have Nova, my lab cross, sitting next to me crying. She is ready to play! But I’ve already explained, I haven’t finished my first coffee and blog. So she can wait patiently, even if she doesn’t want to. I’m feeling compelled to write and record because last night I had an odd dream, and I remember it! I always have odd dreams but when I remember them I’m even happier.

My Dream May 6 2018

The Dream:

I actually don’t remember the dream entirely- I know I was in a large mansion, almost like a reality tv show house. I was being hosted, some of my family included. It was a lovely, large, white, mansion. The part I remember most however is visiting “friends”. It was an older couple who lived in the country a few hours from the mansion I was staying in. I think I was with my bf, Raj, but even if I was he didn’t come into play too much. I was focused on the puppies- cuz there were tons! Like upward of 30-50 dogs total. The majority of them were puppies, some puppies to a larger breed, some puppies to a smaller breed. The couple was giving puppies away!

So here I am, overwhelmed that I have to pick just one, and I decide, f-it! I’m taking home a small breed and a large breed! And I pick a couple of them out. When I look at the puppies many are deformed – I didn’t want to get a pup with medical issues so I was picking the healthiest looking one. From what I could tell, cuz what do I know really? I was particularly drawn to one pug lookalike, and another pitbull brindle lookalike.

Yet cut scene to when I arrive back at the mansion, worrying about my own dogs. Thinking, we better take off soon, I’m assuming, back to my actual home. Yet my fellow guests encouraged me to relax and look around. I saw my cousin Jonathan sitting at the table with his brother Jordan and his two kids eating cereal. I then realized as I was talking to them, I left the puppies behind. I debated going back for them myself- it was an additional 3 hour drive I didn’t want to take. I told my cousin and he mentioned that they were headed there and he offered to pick up the puppy for me and I agreed- thinking it would be easier for him to pick out the larger breed, I settled on just having the one puppy.

Then I decided to go into this spa room to relax a bit, or just to explore really. It was a large room and in the corner was like a steamer coming out of the side of the wall. Yet it wasn’t enclosed like a steam room normally is, and this one had windows like a basement suite. I could see and hear Nova barking at me through the windows – I told her I will come get her soon. Then I remember a memory, but it was a dream memory. I remember a scene from the Reality Show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, though I know it is not a real scene from the show. They are sitting and relaxing in front of this steamer. I remember remembering when I first had the experience of seeing Scott and Kourtney in there, how weird it was that the windows were so high, like they were in a basement suite. Then I woke up!

My Interpretation:

Right now I’m just unsure what the message is. I know I have been thinking a bit more about getting another dog lately – I don’t think I will, but it has been on my mind. Of course the barrier to that being, I already have 3 dogs, more would be a lot for me to handle. I am realistic for myself in that way – mainly the exercise. It is hard to walk 3 dogs at once, to have more would probably be almost impossible. A lot harder than I would want for myself. I have also been thinking a lot about how many pets I have – since I technically have 9 animals. My 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 mice. I think people think I’m crazy – I sincerely question myself, am I compensating for something? Like maybe this is my substitute/fulfillment for not having kids yet. The thing is that I don’t think this is my question really to myself. I think I’m picking up on others thoughts about me more than I have about myself. I know why I have so many animals – I enjoy their company. I’m not gonna say I enjoy the mess they make but I definitely enjoy their presence. So much so that I’m willing to deal with the messes.

So I think my dream may have to do with that – the questions swirling in my head, am I crazy or am I just different from a lot of people? And I know the answer to that is that I’m just different. If I could have it my way I would have a farm full of animals, where I can facilitate them just enjoying their little lives. That brings me joy and happiness and a feeling of contentment. So its not that there is something wrong with me, it is just that me fully expressed is a person who surrounds herself with animals. That’s just who I am.

I find it particularly interesting that the animals had disabilities in my dream though. It brings up concerns I have about bad breeding and the health of animals in general. I personally do believe that the physical health of our animals is so closely related to how we feel. It is no coincidence to me that my animals get sick when I get sick, and also when something weighs on me heavily, emotionally. Then I find that my animals suffer a bit more, and it motivates me to make sure I’m in a good place all the time.

When it comes to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stuff, however, I really don’t get that. Why would I remember a dream memory of this random “spa”? and maybe it has to do with my perception of wealth. As I found it odd that this spa would be in a basement room, that it was setup the way it was. When I first had the dream of Kourtney and Scott, I think that I had a feeling of- well this is weird, because the spa was not that nice looking. It was in a basement, first of all. Spa’s are suppose to be visually appealing because it helps you relax. I was a bit shocked that they themselves were sitting to enjoy this spa area when to me, it didn’t meet the standards I would expect for myself when being wealthy. I imagine that when I have millions of dollars to spare I know that for myself, I want every experience to be the height of luxury. I don’t want to just relax in a sauna – I want to relax in a sauna that is appealing in every single way, including visually. I still don’t know why it all came together in one dream though, but I’m always appreciative of my dreams because they make me think. I love that!

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