New Mouseys

Oh yes my first post in the new “My Life, My Thoughts” Blog section is going to be all about my new mousey’s! I decided to get 4 mice and build them the most awesome cage, that I’ve now dubbed, mega cage. Their names are Holly, Molly, Dolly, and Lolly and 2 are black and white and the other 2 are grey and white. They are absolutely adorable! They still have yet to get completely comfortable here though. They are really attached to a small space where they spend a lot of their time sleeping. However, I’ve noticed that one will venture out across the 3 cages all the way into the tubes. They really enjoy those tubes and so I’m excited to keep building their setup into the complete vision I have for mega cage.

New Mouseys

I’m not gonna lie half of the fun is building them the most epic cage with the best mouse playground there can be. I want to let them get a bit more comfortable with where they are, being in my house, and of course, Iris, Frank, Nova, Bella, and Loki. It is funny actually- my dogs are a lot more obsessed with them than the cats are. The cats are now like, meh. The dogs however get really excited whenever one comes out to explore.

Nova continuously pokes the cage with her nose, causing me to have to go over and double check that all the connections are still intact because she’s quite forceful. When they first arrived, she was licking her lips a lot so I’m pretty sure the dogs are having some anxiety over wanting to kill the mice! But its ok, they are safe and sound in their cage, the connectors are pretty solid and so I’m not too worried. I think it will just take a little more time for my dogs to become meh about them also. I’m definitely doing a lot of yelling at the dogs (my girls hate to get in trouble) so I think in time they will get it; these mice are family.

 I don’t know if I’m just fulfilling a childhood dream of having mice but at the same time I wish to be more carefree, like a child. Young children play without worrying about judgement and get so much enjoyment out of even the simplest things. I think about that a lot – I think the joy and ease that children feel is a natural state of being. I think probably adults don’t feel that way because we are so stressed, worried, focused on things that don’t matter and aren’t in the moment.

New Mouseys Picture of Lolly

Cuz kids just can enjoy anything - I remember playing with coloured pens, each one having a distinct personality and storyline/drama. It didn’t matter whether I was playing with a pen or if I was purchasing the latest and greatest toy from the toy store, I didn’t discriminate, just had fun and enjoyed. I feel now the only difference is that I’m an adult and so if I want something and I can afford it I can purchase it for myself without having to convince my parents! Haha. So lately I have allowed myself to start enjoying things more – I buy puzzles, I buy that dinosaur figurine if I want it, I draw if I want to.

I’m not comparing my mouse to toys; the comparison is more about the doing what I enjoy. The difference with the mice also is they are fulfilling a caretaker feeling within me – I love and enjoy the responsibility. I think it is why I have so many pets – I love being able to take care of them and watch them thrive and feel happy about that. Also, animals are fascinating, their behaviours, their choices. Every single animal has a distinct personality. I’m just really looking forward to Holly, Molly, Dolly, and Lolly getting more comfortable and starting to play more with their awesome cage. I think in time they’ll be very active as they recognize that they are safe in their home. Also, I’m excited to build them a maze, and other fun activities. I really want to allow myself to enjoy more simply for the sake of enjoying- and that includes really having fun making their environment comfortable and satisfying for my mice. I’ve even been looking at Lego sets, because I realized they would be perfect for mice to explore. It would be perfect for me to have fun putting together also! When I was a kid I had a friend who had brothers and they had tons of Lego. It was my favourite thing to go over there and play. I hope that my mousey’s won’t ever get bored of playing with mega cage cuz I think I’ll never get bored of reshaping it and having my own fun.

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