Jasper AB

I recently visited Jasper, AB in October 2017 and even if you don’t ski, like me, visiting during winter Jasper is definitely worth the trip. The place is gorgeous, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. You have to drive there though because the beauty is not only found on the drive, but many of the attractions to visit are a small drive from Jasper. Like the Athabasca Glacier is just over an hour’s drive.

You can of course take guided tours, I think I remember seeing one that takes you right out onto the ice in some super cool looking vehicles. Still the drive is amazing and is a part of the charm so it is more than recommended, though not entirely needed. Jasper is not a massive place and most of the attractions are huddled around a few long stretches of streets all next to each other. You’ll also find the hotels on or close to these streets so driving isn’t a necessity at all, though recommended.

Jasper, Alberta

Breathtaking Mountain Views on the Drive!

I went to just have some fun and see what it was like and of course to just get away somewhere different for the weekend. I stayed in a 1 bedroom suite at the Best Western and it was a great little room. It had a fireplace which included a free log to burn. I had a kitchenette which meant I could cook breakfast and so I did which was awesome. They had most of the pots and pans needed. I forgot some things like ketchup, but they did have salt and pepper. It was lovely and at a decent rate of just $160 per night. Prices were about to go up I believe, so I was lucky to get it at a decent rate. Hotel rooms can be expensive in Jasper but it all depends on the time of year.

It is recommended that you visit the glacier, and I include some pics of it in the collection below. It is all about the scenery and the activities and well, the walking. Be prepared to do a lot of walking! So make sure you bring the proper attire for hiking and also be sure to bring a coat. Even in the summer the mountains can be cool. There is a lot to do there, the typical skiing, ice fishing in the winter, and river rafting, horseback riding, and hiking in the summer. The Jasper SkyTram is worth spending the money at least once, it takes you high above Jasper so you are looking down on the town from the safety of your tram. You’ll see breathtaking views.

The Glacier Skywalk

It is definitely worth visiting the Glacier Skywalk if you want to stand on glass and look down, high above the glacier, with awesome Glacier views. A lot of tours include this stop in their itinerary. If you drive yourself, there are plenty of spots to stop and take in the views because it’s a massive thing. The attraction really with the Skywalk is the glass bottom walk. It could be an intense experience if that is your thing. Unfortunately it was closed when I went really late October, and it is only open from Apr-Early October. So that’s something if I go back, I’ll probably stop and do if I drive by it and it is open.

There is a lot to do in jasper so it is worth planning your time there and book yourself some tours. Since I live so close it is easy for me to drive and I know the experiences are always there for me to enjoy. If you are travelling from afar you definitely want to really book in advance and make the most of it with planning where you’ll visit and what you’ll do. It is definitely not enough to just visit the town, you need to plan your activities. You can’t rely on shopping to keep you busy. Maybe for an hour or two but like I said, the town is not large. I hope the pics below encourage you to want to visit!

Jasper Alberta Mountains
Jasper Alberta Mountains
Jasper Alberta Mountains
Jasper Alberta Animals
Jasper Alberta Animals
Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Glacier Drive
Tanisha Eileen at the Athabasca Glacier

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