Little Manitou Lake SK

Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan is a place you should definitely visit and cross off your bucket list. Even though its not in AB, its still Canada, & still worth seeing. Even if you don’t spend a ton of time there, like I did, which was only 3 days. You will still really enjoy yourself and to be honest 3 days might be enough! Its not the largest place with only a small population. However its setup just for tourists with a hotel and spa close to the beach & restaurants.

I visited Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan in May 2015, and you can definitely see its not quite summer yet. I can just imagine that the place is even more on fire, beautiful, and relaxing when its mid summer. The drive from Edmonton to the lake was about six hours. Its not a short amount of time to be in the vehicle, but when your from Alberta its not bad either. You could always catch a flight to Saskatoon which is only about an hour away.

Little Manitou Lake SK

I personally stayed in a rental that I found on VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner Website). It was a beautiful place not to far from the water. I was able to bring my dogs with me. At the time I only had Frank and Iris. We stayed close to the hotel and spa, & had dinner at a local restaurant.

Whats Really Unique About This Place

What is really unique about Little Manitou Lake Saskatchewan is that it is a salt water lake forming the salinity of about half of that of the dead sea, at 18%. On average seawater has a salinity of about 3.5% for comparison and the dead sea has 34% roughly.  The more salinity the more that you float! This lake is formed by receding glaciers from the most recent ice age. It is fed by underground springs and is high in mineral contents.

You can stay at Manitou Resort and Mineral Spa and enjoy a nice view of the beautiful lake as well as a swim in the spa mineral pools. Even get a massage, mani, pedi, or it all. The prices are decent and the reviews aren’t bad either. I didn’t have the chance to book a visit but I definitely plan on going back in the summer. I’ll stay in the hotel next time and take advantage of the amenities.

Its a cute little place that at the very least you might want to stop at and say, you visited one of Canada’s gems. The water is suppose to have healing properties as well, so you might want to take advantage of that as well. Even if you just stop by on your way to somewhere else, its worth it.

Little Manitou Lake SK
Little Manitou Lake SK
Little Manitou Lake SK
Little Manitou Lake SK
Little Manitou Lake SK

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