The Tanisha Eileen Blog

Welcome to the Tanisha Eileen Blog space, a repository for my personal thoughts and perspective. I like to write, there’s no doubt about that. I am not a politically correct writer however, heck, my grammar is probably off half the time. I apologize now for it. I’m not one of those, striving to be perfect writers. I have vague memories of the definition of a hyperbole so to expect me to use it, and correctly, save yourself the time now. I’m one of those, writes from my heart so I can expel that energy.

The Tanisha Eileen Blog

Something about getting things out on paper makes me feel better. It helps me resolve my thoughts, and often you can see that through my writing. I start in one position and take off, landing somewhere else, sometimes the other side of the world. Other times I dig myself further into my trench, my view just getting more solid. Its how it works for us all and I’m not different. I like to be honest, I like to express myself, even the sides that will get judgement. I’m ok with it. So judge away, and hopefully you don’t take anything I say to seriously, but just as seriously as I mean it. I never want to offend anyone but I don’t feel the hesitation or shame or fear that many people have. In fact some times I feel my honesty is what is needed in this world, really, and I’m ok with being the guinea pig. I’ll be anything but perfect and ask for forgiveness later, because, ultimately, I couldn’t be any other way.

Each of my blog sections below is a little bit of me, just categorized. I have lots of thoughts and feelings on lots of different subject. Some as light as a good version of a popular broccoli salad recipe, others as heavy as views about life and death. As I’ve said before, I don’t mind if you judge me, I don’t mind if you read what I write and think, “she’s crazy”. All I ask is that you give me enough understanding to allow me to have my opinion and views. Enough respect that you won’t try to force me to think and feel the way you do.

Tanisha Eileen Blog Space

Law of Attraction Journal

This is the part of my blog where I intend to explore the law of attraction including my personal experiences as well as evidence and thought provoking musings. I personally believe the LOA forms the basis of our existence, and that we are in fact, creators. Things only seem contradictory to this notion. However with a little further exploration, it is actually easy to see how even that which confirms the opposite is actually the LOA at work. I want to use this part of my blog to not only explore already existing resources in alignment with the LOA, but also to help provide the evidence and draw the connections for others to understand it, and what it means for us.

Posted on Apr 8, 2018, 2:21 PM

Manifesting a partner is pretty simple if you start with a…

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My Book of Positive Aspects

My book of positive aspects is a really important part of my life. It’s the one exercise I would attribute to real positive change that we all reallllly want. It’s the one thing that has majorly helped me achieve my own personal change. I can’t underestimate the value in writing out positive aspects of all areas of life. Originally I had planned to make this a repository of my own personal, daily, positive aspects. I try to start the day by simply writing out what I’m thankful, grateful, and appreciative of, in order to feel good and get refocused. However, because sometimes that can be quite personal and also because I don’t always do it every single day. Its my intention to make this a true book of positive aspects, where I write at least 100 positive aspects, subject by subject. My goal is to update weekly as I incorporate this into my youtube channel (Positive Aspect Wednesdays).

Book of Positive Aspects of July 2017, the summer months…

My Favourite Recipes

Another repository of not necessarily healthy, not necessarily unique or original, and not necessarily the best choice, but these are my best choices. My personal faves, shared here, with all the tips and tricks I can offer to recreate the dish exactly as I personally prefer. I won’t lie I often reference this part of my blog when cooking a recipe I haven’t in a while.

The yummiest version of broccoli salad you could ask for.

Travel Blog

I don’t do that much travelling, but I’m an Edmontonian, Albertan, and I’m a Canadian. I am blessed to be able to travel freely, and often I like to share that. So why not? You’ll find photos and info about local spots and more.

Discover all about Harrison Hot Springs. What to expect and…

My Life, My Thoughts

This part of my blog is the space that houses, well, those random thoughts about the random things in life. Where I speculate about my odd experiences and give my true opinion and perspective. It’s really meant to be a place for me to post all of those things that don’t fit into one of my other, many, categories.

Contemplating my past relationships has made me realize I…


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