How to Raise Your Vibration

Learning how to raise your vibration and then doing it can lead to a happier more fulfilled life. I’ve got several techniques to help with that.

What is Vibration

Before you learn how to raise your vibration, you need to know what it is. The physics definition of vibration according to is:

“A rapid oscillation of a particle, particles, or elastic solid or surface, back and forth across a central position.”

and they define oscillate as

“To swing back and forth with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm.”

Your Vibration is Your Emotions

Vibration is simply your emotions, and that is in alignment with how physics defines your vibe. How do you feel most of the time? Where do you oscillate on the emotional scale?

High Vibration = high on the emotional scale, feeling things like hopefulness, optimism, enthusiasm, eagerness, and contentment, more often than not.

Low Vibration = low on the emotional scale, feeling doubt, worry, blame, discouragement, anger, depression or powerlessness more often than not.

Your Emotional Set Point

Most of us on a day to day basis experience emotions within a short range. This can be between anger to doubt, doubt to pessimism, or boredom to optimism. I call this your emotional set point, it's how you feel most of the time. It's not usual to go from anger to happiness without a bit of work or intention or distraction. What emotions do you feel most often? Are you happy? Are you content? Are you worried, are you doubting or feeling anger most of the time?

Only you really know the answer to this. How you feel most often is an indication of your emotional set point. If you are not feeling good most of the time then you know where you need to go, which is up. Going up the scale is how to raise your vibration.

Raising Your Vibe is Easy

Raising your vibration is a lot easier than one might think. I personally have raised my vibration from depression and powerlessness to contentment and hopefulness with amazing results. I started out very low though, as I struggled with self‐harm, depression, and anger for a lot of years. When I reflect on how much work it took me to overcome that old state of being, the truth is, not a lot.

The difficulty can be believing it's possible for you, and then doing the work. I'm here to tell you, it's definitely possible. The simple truth is this:

To raise your vibration you need to deliberately practice feeling emotions that are higher on the emotional scale. That's it.

It doesn't take a lot of practice either before you start feeling better without effort. This is because your natural state of being (before your mind was conditioned by experience) is one of higher vibe emotions. The actual activity or process is less important as simply just feeling good. Even if you only feel good for a short time before old habits come into play, if you make it a regular practice it will get easier and you'll feel better more often.

Processes to Feel Good

Making feeling good or simply feeling better than your emotional set point a daily habit or goal, or something you focus on often, is important. Especially if you aren't a high vibe person. You'll need to incorporate focus on feeling good into your daily life with some deliberate practice. Any of the options below will help.


Meditating 10 or 15 minutes a day can do wonders. You stop the flow of thought and with them, emotions. Your body resets and gets use to not feeling negative emotions which becomes more automatic over time, resetting your emotional set point.

Writing Positive Aspects

A process given by Abraham Hicks, writing positive aspects is especially powerful. Pick a subject you already feel good about and write out what feels good about it. Once you get the ball rolling it gets easier and easier. Its best to write it out so you can read through it later and feel those emotions again.

The Creative Workshop

The creative workshop is a process given by Seth channeled by Jane Roberts, and it's basically daydreaming with a focus. I personally like daydreaming, because it's fun, and it feels good if you do it in a way that elevates your emotion.

To do that you suspend your belief in current reality and pretend that you have whatever you want. Then, you daydream about what you would do. How are you going to spend your millions? Imagine yourself going to the store, feeling what you want in your hands, your feet taking the steps onto the plane. Whatever it is, try to be very detailed and most importantly focus on how it would feel as you do it.

How does being unlimited feel? If you can bring yourself to a feeling of excitement, you are on the right path. This is much like meditation and slow, consistent, deep breaths can help with this process.

Belief Work

Belief works is a process where you analyze your beliefs about life. How do you feel about a subject? Since beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking and have assumed are true, to change beliefs you focus on new thoughts that feel better and become your truth. Then you deliberately look for ways to feel better about it. To me, this is how you create a strong, everlasting change.

You create a new program to run on when you change your outlook on life to a view that is more positive, that feels better. For most subjects this isn't very difficult and for others, it's not easy. So you leave the difficult ones for later and work on the easier ones until you are in a higher vibration and can revisit them later. To change a belief:

  1. Identify a belief you have, which is a feeling or thought about a person place or thing, that you want to change or feel differently about
  2. Identify how you want to think/feel about it (should be positive)
  3. Write out thoughts or belief statements that are in alignment with how you want to feel about it
  4. As you feel good, you'll flow thoughts that you haven't considered before that feel good. Write those down.
  5. Read through your list if you think about the subject and feel bad to start activating the belief you prefer

As you feel good, you'll flow thoughts that you haven't considered before that feel good. Write those down. As you do this, the new belief will become more automatic, and so will the positive feelings. This is essentially like writing out positive aspects, but with a focus to find new ways to think about a subject, too.

The Emotional Scale

The emotional scale is what it describes: a scale of emotions. The ones at the bottom are the lowest emotions, and as you go up the scale, each emotion feels better than the one below. When you are thinking about a subject, look at the emotional scale and ask yourself, which emotion am I feeling? Then look at the emotions just above and try to think about the subject in a way that feels a little better, like those feelings. Since its very difficult to go from feeling hatred to happy, your best bet is to move up a little at a time until you are feeling happy, on an subject (person, place, or thing).

To use it, ask yourself:

  • Where on the emotional scale am I right now?
  • Look at the emotions just a little higher and ask yourself, how can I think about what I'm focused on right now in a way that feels like those emotions?

For example, if you are feeling angry, just above that is worry, doubt, and disappointment. Ask yourself, how can I think about what is making me angry that expresses disappointment, or worry, instead? and then keep going up the scale as you can. For more about the emotional scale and how to use it check out my article here.

Using Affirmations

Affirmations can help sustain a positive feeling emotion if you are already there. That's the key though, if you are already there. Otherwise, they aren't really effective or can make you feel worse. Like if someone is feeling angry, they aren't going to feel happy thinking “I am in a good place” like someone who is already feeling good. Anger and happiness are too far apart on the emotional scale for happy affirmations to help. However if you are in a good feeling place affirmations can help you keep that feeling for a longer period of time which is to your benefit.

You Just Need to Feel Good

With all of these examples a little practice goes a long way and its especially important to focus on how you feel. The stronger you can flow positive, happy, emotions the faster your vibration will raise. The reality is though, just caring about how you feel makes a huge difference. When you care about how you feel you are more determined to feel good and when you do, that's how you raise your vibration. If you try it, you'll see results and then it actually gets easier because you know it works and the benefit is that you feel good. Isn't everything anyone wants because it makes them feel good, or better?

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