Law of Attraction Science

Being a conscious creator and using the Law of Attraction (LOA) requires us to know its validity, and science reflects it. In fact, the belief in the LOA is vital to being a deliberate creator and so we should know and confirm to ourselves the law of attraction science.

We Need the Proof

For many the idea that we create our reality and that like attracts like speaks to them. However, a feeling isn't necessarily good enough. Scientific proof is a necessity and understandably so. You want to be thorough, you want to be correct, and you want to be sure.

Ultimately the LOA proof will be your life experience, but there are real markers in our reality which indicate its validity. Since if something is a fact, we should see evidence, and there is an explanation for the rational mind when it comes to the LOA.

Law of Attraction Science is Evident in These Notions

  1. The mind affects the body
  2. We are not separate from each other. Everything is connected, everything is a part of the whole, of the one consciousness
  3. There is no true objectivity
  4. All physical reality is a result of consciousness

When I show you the above is true, you'll have the proof you need to understand the Law. Then when you put it to the test for yourself, you'll get the results you expect.

The Mind Affects the Body

The fact that the mind affects the body is obvious when you consider how we already understand and treat 3 things: stress, trauma, and the placebo effect.

Let's Consider Stress and Anxiety First

We know that stress and anxiety can have devastating physical effects on the body, anywhere from causing a stomach ache, heart palpitations, sweaty palms, to heart failure and so much more. Yet we also know stress and anxiety:

  • is subjective, it depends on the personality of an individual and what they think and believe,
  • Something that stresses you out, doesn't necessarily have the same effect on others.

The effects of stress and anxiety are very evident with trauma, and the remembering of traumatic events, which have real, physical results.


Anyone who has experienced trauma knows how it can affect them, years later. The body reacts to these memories as though the initial trauma is happening all over again. Many therapies designed to treat trauma and stress target the mind and thought processes. Some of these therapies include:

  • Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Targeting healing through the mind and thought processes is evidence that the mind affects the body.

The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect is well documented evidence of how the mind affects the body. The placebo effect works like this:

  • When new drugs are developed, in the experimental stage, the new drug is given to two groups of people: one who receives the drug, and another who receives a sugar pill, or a placebo, but they are told it's the drug.
  • A percentage of people who receive the placebo but think they are receiving the drug will recover, as if they had been given the actual drug.
  • They didn't need the drug, just the belief that they will be cured, and it helps them.

How can simply the belief that something will help them, help them? Because our thoughts effect our body and by extension, our reality as we'll see with quantum physics.

Some additional experiments to look into which demonstrate the effects of the mind on the body are:

We are All Connected: Quantum Physics

The notion that we are all connected isn't just in symbolism, it's in fact. Our Scientists have discovered matter in its smallest form (quantum form) and call it particles. They've also discovered particles that make up our human bodies are no different than the particles that make up the chair you sit on or the screen you are looking at. On this level, we are all the same.

Quantum Entanglement

What makes things even stranger, is how we interact on a quantum level. Quantum Entanglement's Wikipedia article describes it as:

„Quantum entanglement is the physical phenomenon that occurs when a group of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by a large distance.„

The fact is that on a quantum level you and the rest of physical reality cannot be described independently. There is no separation.

The Double Slit Experiment

The double slit experiment is an obvious marker for our effect on reality. How the double slit experiment works:

  • Electrons (which are fundamental particles) are passed through a double slit
  • We study the pattern they create on the other side.
  • Light waves create an interference pattern, which makes sense. Like waves in the ocean, they spread out further and cross paths with each other or interfere
  • However electrons also create an interference pattern, which is weird, since particles are small units of matter, not waves. The expectation is that they would not interfere when passed through 2 separate slits

This is a phenomenon that stumps our scientists and gave rise to the understanding of wave‐particle duality. It gets stranger, though. When a measuring unit is used to observe an electron as it passes through the double slit the electron acts as single particle, no longer creating an interference pattern,

An observer effects how a particle behaves. Humans, and all matter, are simply, particles. Human consciousness is the observer. A measuring unit is a construct of human consciousness. We effect particles, and everything is made up of particles. We effect reality.

Check out this youtube video on the Double Slit Experiment to get a better understanding of it.

Is Objectivity Truly Possible

I'd also like to raise the notion that objectivity isn't even possible, and it's another concept that supports the Law of Attraction. The way we know our world is completely subjective.

  • The way we study the world through science is first constructed in the mind, all tools, all experiments are first created with thought.
  • The results are interpreted through the body and ultimately, the mind.
  • Nothing we know about our world is free from the body and minds interpretation of it.

Therefore, is true objectivity even possible? Is your concept of reality ever free from your subjective interpretation of it? Nope.

All Physical Reality Originates from Consciousness

Everything created by humans was conceived and created in the mind before it became a reality physically. It all started with a thought, with our consciousness. The earth consciousness created all organic beings, all the beauty of the land, plants, all organic matter, like humans. At a quantum level we are no different than the earth. Humans are simply one way that consciousness is expressed and experienced.

The fact is that consciousness creates our reality. Our consciousness does this through thoughts and thoughts are an extension of our beliefs, and beliefs are just thoughts we have about life that we assume are truth.

The Ultimate Law of Attraction Proof

The ultimate law of attraction proof is your experience. When you start to pay attention to your thoughts and your experiences, the connection becomes clearer. It works in every way, in every aspect. You might notice that you think about a dolphin and then see a dolphin. You notice a local hockey team symbol and focus on it and then a minute later you see it again. Once you know this, then you can start analyzing your beliefs. What do you believe about your world and therefore what thoughts do you have about your world? What kind of world are you creating?

Beliefs are creative, because they result in our predominant thoughts, and our thoughts are creative. The more you confirm that you create your reality and cultivate that belief, the clearer it becomes that you must focus on what you want, not what you don't want. When you do that, you create what you want, and then your reality becomes your LOA proof.

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