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Below are the latest additions to my portfolio and is a mashup collection of the most recent inspiration that has called me. I love being creative and I get a strong desire to create through various avenues. I love it!

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Check out my blog! It includes daily recordings of what i'm thinking or feeling, and what is flowing through my life. If you want to keep it light, you'll also discover some delicious recipes, both food and drinks. Besides all of that you can also find pics and information about my travels in Canada and abroad. 

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Book Of Positive Aspects

My book of positive aspects, an idea courtesy of Abraham Hicks, is all about refocusing into a…

Law of Attraction Journal

The law of attraction journey is all about loa teachers and information, including personal blogs…

SMBC Journey

I have made the decision to be a single mother by choice and blog about the reality of my decision.…

My Life My Thoughts

My life and my thoughts is the space where you get all my honesty on random topics that I feel…

My Travels

My travels throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and everywhere and anywhere else the winds have…

Delicious Recipes

Delicious recipes that are tried and tested by me and deemed must shares, enjoy the best dishes and…

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