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Minecraft Fan Fiction Mollys Choice

Minecraft Fan Fiction Mollys Choice is about a girl who doesn't want to be a librarian. When she comes across a witch who can change that, everything is different. This story is special because you pick the ending! the ending that gets the most votes in the Youtube vid comments will be chosen. 

Minecraft Fan Fiction Molly's Choice

There were quiet whispers spreading throughout the village as everyone watches the spectacle that had become Molly and her moms argument. “there’s something wrong with that girl if you ask me” the neighbour Blacksmith said to the local Butcher.

“Molly, don’t get so upset!” Joan the Librarian calls after her daughter, a note of exasperation in her voice. Pissed off she isn’t allowed to farm because she’s meant to mind the books, Molly takes off into the woods, running at full speed. She’s not even looking at her surroundings, but letting the oaks, spruces and harmless wolves pass her by without noticing a thing. She just keeps going, in anger, thinking, “I can farm just as good as anybody with a brown jacket”

Her arms waving furiously by her side as she fumes, blowing off steam by getting as far away as she can from the heat. She didn’t realize how far she had gone until she stumbles over the side of a mountain, falling into swampy waters. Looking up she finds herself only a few blocks away from a witches hut, but it looks quite, like no one is home.

She felt for her trusty iron sword before climbing up the latter and into the hut. She is well equipped, wearing Iron Armour inherited from her late father. She had never taken on a witch before, but her anger made her feel bold enough to risk it. She isn’t going back tonight, her mother can worry all she likes. She’ll figure out a way to do what she wants. Just because she is born with a white coat doesn’t mean she is a Librarian. “Books??” she thought, “bleck!”

When she enters the Hut and realizes that nobody is home, she relaxes a little and starts to feel more comfortable. She would be able to surprise the Witch when it did arrive, and that would give Molly the advantage. She laid out her bed even though she did not plan on using it. She wonders to herself if she is far enough away from her village so that everyone could go to sleep without her. She even wonders, am I gonna be able to find my way back?

She really didn’t have much time to think before she heard the wood outside the door creek and it opened, revealing the witch who lived here. Responding on instinct, Molly immediately starts attacking the witch with her iron sword. The witch is caught off guard, and stumbles before she yells, “Stop, Please, I can help you! I’ll grant you any wish if you spare my life…”


You Pick the Ending of Minecraft Fan Fiction Molly's Choice

Romance Ending - Molly asks for a love potion and uses it on Holden, a farmer and her crush. They get married and Molly gets to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a farmer by helping Holden and his parents out with their work. Except one day Holden’s mother shows Molly how to bake a cake and its all downhill from there. Molly becomes obsessed with cake. She can’t stop eating it, every day, all day. Now all of the resources they get from farming goes to supporting Molly’s addiction. Will she be able to pull through and curb her bad habit or will it take everything for cake?

Mystery Ending - Molly chooses to ask the witch to transport her far far away, where she doesn’t feel like a regular villager. When Molly goes missing her mother is worried sick. She hires Roxy, a offbeat, self professed detective. She is sure Roxy will be able to find her. That her and Molly are “both weirdos” is reassurance enough. Since they have it in common, she is sure Roxy will succeed in bringing her daughter home. When Roxy confronts the Witch, however, she’s forced to uncover clues and answers that make the search for Molly more difficult than anticipated.

Action & Adventure Ending - It was on impulse that she chose Elytra wings as her wish, but Molly sure is happy she did. Flying from mountain top to mountain top. Seeing so much of the world and from above. Nobody in her village had ever travelled as far as her. Except one day, on another impulse, she saw a crack in the side of a mountain. Molly dives in and before she knows it she is surrounded by a pink light, disorienting her. When she comes to her senses she’s in a new, dark world. Skeleton’s like she’d never seen before, attack her. Except instead of harming her, they each grab her by the arm and drag her off. Do you want to know to where?

Voting Ends Aug 2 2017 - Vote on Youtube! 

When voting is finished and the ending is picked, i'll finish the story with the chosen ending. I'll upload it here on my website and to youtube.

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