Quest To Cure a Nice Zombie Chapter 2

Quest to Cure a Nice Zombie Chapter 2 by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

This is a continuation of the Quest to Cure a Zombie Minecraft Fan Fiction. Below you'll find chapter 2. I hope you enjoy! If you'd like to go back to chapter one, or skip ahead, use the links below:

Chapter One of Quest To Cure a Nice Zombie

Quest To Cure A Nice Zombie Chapter 2

The next day couldn’t come any sooner as Zabrina awoke that morning tired from a lack of sleep, but eager for the day. She was excited and nervous about reaching her fathers farm and seeing if the Zombie was still there. Still, she didn’t exactly hop, skip, and jump to school that morning.

As she started walking the gravel road through her village to her classroom she was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t even notice that Steve was following her. In fact this morning she had all but forgot to take her usual route. She never walked the gravel road but would traipse through the grassland to avoid people. People like Steve.

Steve was just as shocked when he headed out his front door to make his trek to school and noticed Zabrina just slightly ahead of him. What? She never took the gravel road. She stopped walking along the gravel path ages ago. In fact it was so weird Steve felt like maybe he should  talk to her. He eagerly increased his pace so he caught up with her, tapping her shoulder as he approached her from behind.

“Hi Zabrina” Steve said with the biggest smile he didn’t even have to muster, “How are you today?” He looked at her, a twinkle in his eye.

She was surprised to see him but then immediately irritated with herself. Why didn’t she go her usual route? “Oh, Hi Steve” she murmured with just a glance in his direction. Mainly out of surprise. Reluctantly, she asked him how he’s doing.

“Oh i’m great” Steve responded surprised, “its nice to see you. Kinda like old times when we use to walk to school together” he couldn’t help himself from gushing.

“yeah” Zabrina responded less than enthusiastically. “Old times.Ugh.” she thought. “I don’t want to think of old times”

“I think I forgot my book I have to go back. I’ll see you in class Steve” Zabrina turned around and headed back towards her home. She just needed to get away from him. She didn’t want him to see her cry.

Even though she tried to hide it, Steve had already seen her book in her bag. For a moment, he felt defeated. What did he do wrong?

“Ok” Steve kept walking to school. He wasn't gonna give up on her. She took the gravel road to school today. He thought excitedly. He felt happy as he continued his walk, eager for the year to come. He felt like something big was going to happen, and he couldn’t wait.

“Today is mainly going to be field work, but I hope you all brought your books like I asked.” Mrs. Teacher began the class, “We’ll start by reviewing the basic plants, and then you’ll be sent out in your groups to find your own”

When Zabrina finally did arrive everyone was waiting outside for direction. They were already divided into their groups huddled around a patch of tilled land next to the school. With the sun just above the horizon, they had a full day ahead of them. Zabrina knew Mrs. Teacher wasn’t going to waste much time with explanations and demonstrations before she sent them out into the field. Daylight was precious and they would need ample time to collect there items and make it back before mid day. Despite the appointed guardians ready to take down the Zombie Mobs that spawn near the village, you just didn’t risk it. Children especially were expected to be home and in bed before the sun went down. While Zabrina maintained her aloof presence, she felt eagerness inside. She planned to ditch her group the minute she got far enough away from Mrs. Teacher.

“I expect you all to work together today to find your plants” Mrs. Teacher kept on, “Bring your guide book with you so you can review the information about each plant. You never know what kind of interesting facts you’ll discover when you actually read it” She explained.

“Isn’t this kind of outdated?” Maggie asks while opening up hers to a random page. “Like whose ever heard of a slime block. Maybe its time to update these things”. Slamming her book shut a cloud of dust forms a funnel cloud, sending Maggie into a flurry of sneezes.

“These books have been around since the beginning of our village. They provide information about the world beyond the Enderman” Mrs. Teacher responded. “So even if you probably aren’t going to see a slime block in your lifetime, Maggie, they are still valuable. Which brings us to my next point” Mrs. Teacher got a little more serious, causing everyone to quiet around her and listen intently.

“Legend states that sometimes, even though its very very rare, things spawn where they shouldn’t. Our guide book tells of plants and items that we couldn’t dream of spawning on our biome” She definitely had their attention, “So when you are out and about always keep your eye open and have it ready. You never know what you’ll find, and if you do you’ll need to know how to harvest it”

Zabrina knew the section on farming back to front and didn’t even bother to pretend to listen to what the teacher was saying. She was preoccupied with other thoughts, Zombie thoughts. Her father had taught her everything she’d need to know anyhow. Her father, who dissapeared, never to be heard from again. She felt a familiar knot of pain start to rise yet again from the middle of her stomach as she tried not to think of him being gone forever. Instead she tried to think about the Zombie. What it could be, what she was going to do if she got there and it attacked her. What was she going to do when she got there and it didn’t attack her?

It wasn’t long before Mrs. Teacher dismissed them to be free on their own with there groups. It wasn’t long before Maggie was directing them, telling Steve that she wanted to show him her favourite patch of flowers. It existed just behind the church, which was close to Zabrina’s hut and the way to her fathers farm. She followed the group, pretending to be interested in helping but knowing she’d sneak away the minute they got there. Maggie would preoccupy Steve anyway, she was sure.

As they started off walking behind the houses, they just passed the butcher shop and the church was not far off. Zabrina was pretending to be really interested in finding items, keeping her eyes to the ground. It gave her a way to avoid everyone while looking like she was really participating. Steve wouldn’t let her fall to far behind, however, and he kept a pace with her while listening to Maggie. She was exclaiming that she’d memorized the guide book and could basically tell us, like, anything we wanted to know.

“I’m basically like a walking guide book you guys. My mom made me read the whole thing, like, twice” she groaned. “It was like torture. She even quizzed me” she groaned even more.

Steve started to laugh. “Whats the Reagent ingredient of a potion of weakness”

Maggie looked at him completely mortified, “OMG. A Fermented Spider Eye” the look on her face said it all and they all started to laugh, even Zabrina couldn’t help herself.

“Seriously don’t tell anyone you guys. I’m like, in shock at my own uncoolness” she lamented. “No offence Flute but to me its like, tragic”

Flute laughed out loud, “Don’t worry Maggie your secret is safe with me. I actually think its pretty cool. You are unimaginably quite impressive” she smiled with a twinkle in her eye, “The real tragedy is what we can’t do. Like potions or enchantments or the random items you can craft.” She went on, “Like did you guys know that you can craft a Golden Apple that can supposedly be used to turn a Zombie into a Villager? How cool is that?”

Steve laughed at Flute and was about to make a joke about her secret aspirations to be a Zombie mother but it was Zabrina who surprised everyone and responded, “Where does it say that?” now the one with a twinkle in her eye, “How does that work? you can turn a Zombie into one of us?” To everyone’s surprise she is keenly interested all of a sudden, and flute immediately responds, however shocked.

“Well, it says you actually need a potion of weakness and a golden apple. Apparently the two items can be used on a Zombie to cause such a physiological transformation. Give me a minute and i’ll try to find it” She’d opened her guidebook and furiously thumbed through.

“I didn’t read that part. I tried to skim over the stuff that wasn’t actually relevant” Maggie slyly remarks. “My guide book has extra notes.” Flute says casually ignoring Maggie’s intent while continuing her search.

“Here it is. Written on the golden apple page, “Use a potion of weakness and then give a golden apple to cure a Zombie villager”. Which caught my attention as I personally felt the information fit more logically on the potions page” She started on, handing her book to Zabrina for confirmation. Zabrina flipped through the pages. “If it is true, you’d have to start with the potion anyway. Also potions are naturally defensive, whereas food is just, well, food. Even if it is a golden apple” Flute kept going. “Although I guess you could say its importance comes from its sustenance-“

“Pumpkins can be worn as a helmet. Enderman won’t attack” Zabrina stated, herself now in a complete state of shock as she read the note scrawled on the pumpkin page in Flute’s guide book. Everyone looked at her for a moment, and they were all silent, staring at Zabrina as her face went white.

“Um, yeah, but you’d need a pumpkin for that smarty” Maggie was teasing Zabrina softly, “and Pumpkins don’t spawn in our grassy village. Like, totally unfortunately”

“Also its probably just nonsense. I’m not sure the notes scrawled in my book are more than just random musings anyway” Flute Chimed in, “One of my ancestors just imagining a way out. Maybe a thought experiment, like if I say its true could it become true. There really is no way to know anyway” she declared. “Lets get back to work. I’m keen on finding carrots”

As the colour flooded back into her face Zabrina could barely contain the excitement as she waited for her moment to escape. It was more important than ever now that she get back to that Zombie. She also needed to check on the pumpkin garden. She wouldn’t even let herself consider all of the possibilities quite yet as she waits for the perfect moment to escape unnoticed.

Steve had been watching Zabrina the entire time, still amazed that she’d spoken a word, but not all that surprised. She’d already surprised him earlier that morning. Now it seemed that something was up. Sure, she was shocking this morning, seeing her on that gravel road. She seemed preoccupied, not to say that she wasn’t always preoccupied. She’d been preoccupied since her father went missing and was declared dead. However there was more to it this time, Steve could sense it. She isn’t herself, not even the gloomy self she had become. Something is up, he could just tell, even if he couldn’t tell what.

So it really didn’t surprise him when they reached the church and Zabrina took her first chance to sneak away from the group. She didn’t sneak away unnoticed, however. He had to interrupt Maggie mid sentence, but he felt the urge to follow her. He had to see what she was up to. He had to make sure that she was ok.

“See Steve, these are the flowers that I was talking about!” Maggie exclaimed as they arrived at the church, grabbing Steve by the arm and pulling him eagerly towards a beautiful patch. “The priests maintain it. Did you ever notice it before? I want to like totally pick a peony for my own gard-“

“I gotta go guys, i’m gonna follow her. I’ll hafta find you guys in a bit”. Steve pulled himself out of Maggie’s grasp and without allowing Flute or Maggie to respond he took off after Zabrina.

“OMG” Maggie protested and then couldn’t help but think, He’s finally paying attention to me. I’m not gonna let her steal him back. She grabbed Flute by the hand and they took off after Steve.

Steve knew where Zabrina was headed right away, and he knew his way there quite easily. It was not that long ago that he and Zabrina would spend there days working on her fathers farm together listening to her dads stories. He knew she spent every evening there.

As Steve approached the farm he watched as Zabrina tested for Zombies and then enter the Stone coupe. Hiding behind the oak trees, he had to figure out what he is going to say. He didn’t want to scare her, or make her any more upset than she already is. He certainly didn’t want to make her angry or ruin any chances of being friends again. He also didn’t think things could get any worse either. When Maggie and Flute caught up with him he knew he better do something.

“What does she think she’s doing making us follow her all the way out here” Maggie is annoyed. “Is she in there? I’m gonna give her a piece of my mind” she started on.

“You know she’s still hurting over her dad. Let me just go talk to her first” Trying to explain Steve intervened, “This is her dads farm”.

“Way out here? why would anyone build a farm out here in the first place?” Flute studied her surroundings, completely unfazed by the situation.

“I don’t know. He use to say the veggies taste better. Maybe he liked the privacy” he really didn’t know. “it doesn’t matter. Can you guys wait here? I’ll try to get her”

leaving Maggie and Flute behind the oak tree Steve headed toward the chicken coupe, still unsure of what he is going to say. When he approached the gate he heard Zabrina talking.

“I don’t know what you are, or who you are. But just stay over there ok. I came back with some bread, but I don’t know what Zombies like to eat” Steve listened carefully, “But i’m gonna put it down over there, and if you want it, when I get back here, you can take it”

Steve could hear Zabrina walking through the coupe, where she must have laid down the piece of bread. For what, he is uncertain.

“What are you doing here?” She could hear her ask. "Can you speak?” there was a moment of silence as Steve strained himself to hear anything. He got closer to the gate and slowly peered over. He could see Zabrina not to far from him, and he could barely make out something farther off in the corner. Without realizing it he was leaning so far that he nearly fell over the gate, but he caught himself. Not without also gaining the attention of Zabrina, however, so caught was definitely the right word.

“What?! Steve!” Zabrina exclaimed, surprised.

Steve opened the gate and entered the coupe, eager to see who Zabrina is talking to since he’d already oust himself. “Sorry to surprise you, I just wanted to talk to y-“ he stopped talking immediately as he saw the Zombie in the corner.

Stunned, he automatically reached for his sword, springing to action, when Zabrina cut him off.

“Steve, no, wait” She protested. “Put your weapon down. It doesn’t attack. I discovered it in here yesterday. Its just sitting in the corner” she quickly explained.

“What do you mean it doesn’t attack?” he questioned, but it was obvious, because it wasn’t. It just stayed in the corner, he could see it hadn’t even taken the bread.

“I don’t know its weird. It didn’t attack me yesterday and I just found it in here” there was a little bit of desperation in her voice, and she spoke softly as she looked at him, “What if its my dad Steve”. He could hear the hope in her voice.

“How could that be?” Was all he managed to squeak out, as he tried to comprehend what was going on. Firstly he needed to digest that he was staring at a Zombie and it was not attacking him. All of a sudden it’s like, yeah, Zombie’s have facial features. How come he never noticed that Zombie’s had facial features before? probably because they were to busy attacking him like every single time. This is weird.

“I don’t know what to tell you Steve, except that you can’t tell anyone” Zabrina Stated. “It is to weird. Do you promise?” and immediately Steve shook his head yes without taking his eyes off the Zombie. He wouldn’t say anything because it is to weird and besides, they could figure it out together. Like he thought it should be.

“Thanks Steve. Is it weird that I think it could be my dad? I mean it just showed up in here. Why here of all places? Why doesn’t it say or do anything?” They were both staring at it now, but still the Zombie just stayed put. It appeared to be looking back at both of them, however.

“Nod yes if you are my father” like an uncontrollable burst of energy, Zabrina practically screamed at the Zombie. Still it remained motionless and it seemed like forever that they all just stood there, staring at each other, in silence.

Zabrina was wracking her brain for what it could possibly be doing there and Steve started to contemplate what they would do about it. It actually took Zabrina a minute to realize the Zombie was standing on top of the trap door her dad had covered meticulously with carpet. Steve didn’t know about it, because it is where the pumpkins are kept. Only Zabrina was aware of its existence now. She felt the pain of the loss of her father once again in her stomach. She swallowed and tried to ignore it as she then began to contemplate if she should tell Steve. Also, how she is going to get the Zombie off the carpet, since it didn’t seem to want to move.

“Ok Steve, I want to tell you something” Zabrina took a deep breath, “The Zombie is standing on a trap door that leads to the basement. In the basement my father kept pumpkins. I’m going to take those pumpkins and attempt to cross the Enderman field.” She kept going, determined, “If i’m successful, i’m gonna look for the ingredients for the Zombie cure.” exhaling, she felt overwhelmed by her own words, but she made up her mind.

“i’m gonna need your help. Somebody has to take care of this Zombie while i’m gone. Nobody can know about it until I can make it back” she began to plead, “I know I haven’t really been a good friend to you for the last year. Its been hard for me. I just need to ask you for this one thing, and I need you to trust me” She stated. Before Steve could even begin to reply, they both quickly turned around at the sound of the gate opening.

“I’ve heard your entire conversation and the only way you can guarantee nobody finding out about this like, quest to cure the nice Zombie is to take me with you” Maggie exclaimed, smirking at them both.

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