Quest To Cure a Nice Zombie Chapter 3

Quest to Cure a Nice Zombie Chapter 3 by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

This is a continuation of the Quest to Cure a Nice Zombie chapter 3. You'll find all the chapters below, however, if you want to go back or skip ahead. Hope you enjoy the story! Leave a comment if you do.

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Quest to Cure a Nice Zombie Chapter 3

“The same goes for me i’m afraid. If the pumpkins actually work, of course” Flute jumped on Maggie’s bandwagon. “Oh my if this works can you believe what that means for our village? I’m going to cross that field with you and then cross it right back, and then back again. Just for fun” Flute went on. “Then i’m going to go get my mother, and she’s going to cross it, and then come back. Then my father is going to cross it and come back, and then cross it again…”

They all laughed, feeling light at the prospect of actually being able to get past the Enderman field. Nobody any of them knew had ever made it back and forth across the field. The Mob existed all around as far as the eye could see, however that wouldn’t matter if the pumpkin works like the book says it should.

“I for one am excited at the prospect of being one of the first to cross the field since the great Jebidiah. I’ll be famous which i’m totally cool with, someone has to do it” Maggie is making everyone giggle even more.

“he isn’t that great. He built the village in the middle of the Enderman Field to begin with” Flute added her two cents, “How intelligent is that” she scolded.

“It would have been a great place for a fortress if he did know about the pumpkins. You’d just think he would have told someone” Steve added, “maybe built a pumpkin patch” he just couldn’t help but wonder.

“Slow down guys. I don’t even know how many pumpkins there are. Its been a long time since i’ve been down there. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, there is a Zombie standing on the trap door. So there is that” Zabrina cracked a smile. She felt so good the Zombie standing on the trap door is kind of amusing her.

“Well the guide book comes in handy once again, doesn’t it! Zombies like rotten flesh, not bread, sorry Zabrina” Flute smiled at her, “though I would have guessed bread to” she teased.

Zabrina smiled, “I could have swore I read bread…”

“So its settled then. We’re embarking on an adventure, like real Minecrafter’s” Steve stated, looking proudly at Zabrina, “We just need a plan. We know who, we know why, now we just need to know when, where and how. We’re gonna need equipment. Flute, do you actually think we could cure this Zombie?” they all stared at it, where it had remained positioned in the corner, seemingly listening to their conversation.

“Well if the Pumpkins actually work there will be no reason to assume the other information is incorrect. The answer being yes then is highly probable” she stated.

“Alright then. If your sure, Zabrina, i’m going with you” he looked her deep in the eyes, and then at Maggie and Flute. “You guys don’t have to come. It will be enough to just cross the Enderman field. Zabrina is right to, someone will need to watch over the Zombie”

Maggie laughed, “I’m definitely not missing out on this adventure. I’m a natural born Minecrafter, what better way for me to find treasures than embark on a quest? I like, laugh in the face of danger Steve”

“I suspect the Zombie can take care of itself” Flute responded, “and i’m also eager to test my skills as a true Minecrafter. I too want to look for treasures. Also I highly doubt that you two will get very far without me and my guide book” she said, matter of factly, “Since its managed to get you this far. I can’t part with this book so I suppose I will just have to join you. Also I can get us equipment” Flute’s father is town mayor which meant he kept the keys to all the important buildings, like the blacksmith.

Zabrina thought about what is happening and wondered if they would truly pull it off. She couldn’t have imagined her evening going this way, but now she was filled to the brim with excitement. She could probably use the help and wasn’t going to be quick to deny it. The pain of this past year seemed to melt away at the prospect of going on this great adventure. What made her the most excited, however, is that maybe, just maybe, they would find the cure. Maybe, just maybe, this was her father. She looked again at the Zombie, long and hard.

“Ok. We’ll lure the Zombie off the trap door with rotten flesh. If there are enough pumpkins the plan is to leave tomorrow, first thing. Your gonna hafta forget about making roll call for class time” Zabrina said determinedly, “We’ll need all the daylight we can get. If we do make it past the Enderman field survival will be our first goal. We’ll wait for the guardians to return from night shift with the equipment and then sneak into the armoury and take what we need with the key you need to get, Flute” she continued explaining the plan as Steve, Maggie, and Flute listened intently to Zabrina. They had never seen her so enthusiastic and charged up in such a long time. It was a sight for sore eyes, yet refreshing.

“Once we have equipment we’ll come back to the farm and head towards the Enderman field from here. We are gonna need to find our way back somehow and if we leave from here it will be easier to see the building from a distance and recognize home. I could never forget this farm” Zabrina said softly. “I guess after that we’ll need to find the ingredients for a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness, and then somehow create the potion. Then find our way back to cure the nice zombie” the plan seemed easy enough when she stated it like that, Zabrina thought.

“How will we find our way back?” Maggie asked timidly, trying not to show any fear, “I just think its probably like, important to think about”

“I don’t know. But how did Jebidiah do it? There has to be a way. I’m sure we’ll figure it out when we get past the Enderman” Zabrina figured something would come up. “We are gonna find new materials. New treasures. Nobodies left the village in over a million nightfalls. Who knows what we will find” Zabrina stated excitedly. They were all excited.

“What should we tell our families?” Maggie inquired. “Mine will have a field day if they think i’ve gone missing. I couldn’t break their hearts like that”

“Tell them you forgot about a overnight school trip your going on tomorrow for a few days. They might be mad but its not like they won’t let you go. If they don’t and you go anyway, they’ll think you are there. I’ll leave a note for Mrs. Teacher saying we are going to be working at the Blacksmith for a few days from the Leatherworker. She might think its weird but it will work. It has to” Zabrina is sure of it.

“Wow, it looks like you have a foolproof plan Zabrina” Steve added, “We should all pack light. Think survival gear, plus you want to bring as much back as possible. Find as many torches as you can and stock up on food, but don’t bring much else”

“So I guess we are really doing this. I cannot quite calculate the probability of our success, but I will have a better idea once we get past the Enderman. From there I will better assess our likelihood of succeeding.” Flute chipped in, “The frequency of winning might be higher than i’m hoping, which is what I am truly hoping. I’m excited for the adventure though” she smiled.

“Ok lets move this Zombie and then head back and check in with Mrs. Teacher. We all agree we’ll meet tomorrow first thing behind the Blacksmith, just after sunset.” Steve concluded.

They proceeded to lure the Zombie off of the trap door by placing some Rotten Flesh Zabrina had stored in a chest usually meant to keep fresh feed for breeding livestock. They found exactly 4 fresh pumpkins ready for harvest. Dividing them up among them, they all headed back to school together, where they didn’t speak a word about the plan again. When school is finished, Zabrina raced off like she usually did without even saying goodbye. She didn’t want to make anyone suspicious, and she was so eager and excited to get home and pack for the adventure to come.

“Aw, less Zombies than usually tonight, that was pretty disappointing” a protector stated.

“I know man. It was so just lame” another remarked, as they entered through the oak doors of the Armoury carrying their equipment. Flute, Maggie, Steve, and Zabrina waited patiently around the corner of the stone building while the protectors finished their shift. Flute yawned, but Maggie squirmed with anticipation. “Are you sure we aren’t going to get in trouble for this?” she questioned.

“I’m not concerned. The ability to travel outside the village will all but over compass any concern about the acts prior to that. I’m fairly certain” Flute said tiredly.

Zabrina looked defiantly at Maggie, “Regardless. What are they going to do? We need protection.”

Just as she finished her sentence the protectors came walking out. Locking the door behind them, they strolled together down the gravel path. Undoubtedly back to their homes where they would complete the days work.

As soon as they were far enough away Flute took out the key and unlocked the door to let them in. Once inside they located the armour stands and began by equipping leather armour. Flute disappeared for a second while the others got ready, and when she came back she shocked everyone. She had in her hands 5 stone swords. She encouraged everyone to take one.

“I just crafted them” Flute’s eyes gleamed with excitement, “they aren’t using the stone anyway” and so they all eagerly equipped their first stone sword.

They didn’t talk much as they worked to get ready and then take off. They moved fast with an eagerness and excitement none of them had felt before.

As they are exiting the building Zabrina couldn’t help but peak into the dining hall. Noticing a long line of chairs, they were setup on either side of a table, except there is no table. She couldn’t help but smile to herself.

Flute peered out the front doors of the Armoury and when she could see nobody they quickly exited and began to head off towards the farm. Zabrina led the group behind the houses, leading them all through the village inconspicuously. She is well practiced at avoiding people and so they arrived at the farm just as the sun was fully revealing itself above the horizon, unnoticed.

Zabrina asked the others to wait while she checked on the Zombie inside the Chicken Coupe. She left the trap door open hoping it would go into the basement. When she saw that it did, she climbed down with it. It again huddled itself in a corner and did not move, but looked straight at her. She had brought enough Rotten Flesh to last its lifetime, and she laid it down in a nice pile in the opposite corner.

When she turned to look at the Zombie again, it’s eyes had followed her but it stayed still.

“I’m leaving this here for you, and i’m going to close the trap door. I hope you are ok with that” she started, “I just think you will be safest that way, and i’m going to cover the door with the carpet again. We will be gone for a while, but we are coming back. You won’t go hungry.” she wanted to say so much more, but her eyes were starting to well with tears.

“If you are my dad, I just want you to know, I love you” she stated. “and i’m going to bring back a cure. You’ll be you again soon” and before she couldn’t stop herself she climbed up the ladder and out of the basement. Closing the trap door, she laid the carpet over it and left the coupe to rejoin the others outside.

“I’m ready” she stated as she approached Steve, Maggie, and Flute. She couldn’t help but notice them in their armour and think they look like real adventurers. She felt a surge of excitement and happiness as she realized, she looks just like them. They are real Minecrafters, at least they soon would be, she thought.

So the group began their walk towards the field, which was not far off. As they reached the edge of the forest they all paused as they took in the sight. What looked like miles, upon miles, upon miles of sandy flat land covered in Enderman greeted their vision. The first one to break the silence is Maggie.

“So, um, like, whose going to do the test?” She questioned them, because it sure is not going to be her. Flute Sighed, and Zabrina looked at Maggie, determined. They all started to talk at the same time,

“Well since its my book-“ Flute started to say,

“Since Its My Pumpkin I Gu-“Zabrina also started,

“I should do it” Steve Stated.

Maggie looked at them all wide eyed, like they are crazy, and began to laugh. “You all want to possibly walk to your death, like, ok” and she stepped aside, as inviting them to take the plunge.

“I should do it. I’m prepared to fight them off so you guys can run in case it doesn’t work” Steve stated again.

“No, its my choice in the first place. I can test the pumpkin. I’m sure its going to work anyway” Zabrina added, she is not going to let Steve get away with sacrificing himself for her so easily.

“Listen, it is my information. You only think its going to work because you read it in my book. I’ll test it. I think its going to work to” Flute also chimed in.

“If you think its going to work let me do it” responded Zabrina, and they are back to square one.

“No, seriously, I should be the one to test it. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you” said Steve while softly looking at Zabrina, “any of you” he stated.

“OMG. We’ll all do it then. We have a better chance of fighting them off and making it back alive anyway” Maggie said, showing her annoyance. “But if I die I hope you’ll all feel bad” she is half joking when she says it, and she pops the pumpkin on her head. “OMG, you can’t see anything with this on” she stammered around a bit, then began the walk towards the Enderman. They all sufficed and put their pumpkin heads on to, catching up with her.

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