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Creating and writing for my own websites has been a passion of mine for several years now. Each of my websites represent a part of me that I am passionate about. Like my personal website,, each one gets to be a collection of my personal time, effort, research, and views on each site. Below are those sites which I encourage you to visit.

The Dog Word

The Dog Word is a website dedicated to dog owners/pup parents. It includes information about dog breeds, Info about the different sports and competitions for dogs to enter, and training tutorials. Its one of the first websites I ever created and had a vision for and its come a long way since I first bought the domain in 2012. 

Minecraft Xbox Seeds

My Minecraft Xbox Seeds website houses all of my Minecraft related creations like links to my latest seed videos including photos & Coords as well as links to build ideas and pics and vids of my own creations.

Self-Injury Recovery

Coming Soon! I've been working on this website and its content for a while now and am hoping to make it live in the new year, January 2019. Its meant to pass on my own personal story and wisdom about how to recover from Self-Harm.

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Tanisha Eileen

Tanisha Eileen

Tanisha Eileen is my personal website and creative collection of my work which ranges. Like a jack of all trades, I dabble in various forms of art. I share them all here along with my inner heart and perspective.

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I use google ads on certain pages on my website. I include information about what that means for you in my privacy policy.

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