The Future Is Good

The Future



By Tanisha Eileen Hamelin


The Future is Good by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

The future is good is a poem about how good life is, and is going to be. Based on a Law of Attraction point of view, the future will be awesome. Its also really a reflection of the renewed desire I have to focus on feeling good everyday. Its important, and with that feeling and focus I find i'm in a good mood. This is what flows from that good mood.


The Future is Good by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin


When I think about the future i’m like, damn, its gonna be good

I know it doesn’t matter anymore if i’m doing what I “should”


The sky is the limit but theres no end to the heights for me

Even if i’m always over there in happiness i’ll still be easy to please


Because now joy, feeling good, knowing life is well is how I feel

not because its my reality but because i’m choosing it, every meal


You might think i’m delusional, like your not a billionaire yet

But being a billionaire is an expectation I know i’m going to get


My reassurance comes from a knowing, experience for sure

To describe my journey is difficult except that its become as clear as pure


There is nothing out to get me or you, there is no bad or evil in this world

wanted, unwanted, and focus is responsible for our lives, unfurled


Everything must exist for there to be a choice in it all

stop thinking about the past, the bad, and recognize what you think about makes the call


Doing that I realize, I'm perfect, amazing and fucking awesome

Everyone is and i’m excited now to see this world blossom


I don't place limits on myself and I try not to think of anyone in this way

The truth is if you don’t always look for the best in everyone you’ll never not have bad things to say


This applies to myself so now I know, my life is perfect

forgiving myself and others not because we aren’t right, but because, its just the surface


Theres a underlining divinity, a perfection in the most beautiful light

It makes up this life we live and illuminates the beauty of the night


We are creators, God species, as divine as we think of him

Maybe even more so if you think of God as as hateful as sin


God is just like you and I, but with a much more powerful knowing and focus

Divided himself up, a division only allowed by illusion and hocus pocus


A part of him remains, knowing full well, who we are, who he is

beckoning our blind human selves to creativity, experience, a new life to live


We expand the universe, making things bigger than they were through our refined desire

joy, playfulness, happiness, excitement, pleasure, sensuality, is really what fuels the fire


If you think of God as exclusionary, hateful, or even as a him, like only male

it is so limited and illogical because God is every element on the trail


Embrace the eternal nature of your being and individuality

Know that if you want it to be, happiness & joy could be your everyday reality


Work on your beliefs, align them with the God knowing ways

All those things that bug you can then slip away


You gotta face everyday knowing your power, who you really are

Focus on what you want and then life can grow, like a seed you planted into a flower


Be happy with this world and life, your happiness will grow

It is true that saying, you reap what you sow


So think of yourself as amazing, as worthy as every other person

Then stop thinking about anyone else and be excited for the turning to good conversion

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