Love Lost Indicator of What


Love Lost

is an Indicator

of What?


By Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

December 17, 2018

Love lost is an indicator of what poem

The pain in my heart is an indicator of, what?

That I loved you more than me

 more than he, she, more than I’d let anyone else be

important to me, you were and I wasn’t


A dirt streak through your life and a tornado through mine

Now it’s just about trying to ignore the feeling all the time


2 years of my life and all I wanted to know

That these roots, weren’t just for me to sow


One request and one mistake and it was all over

So what is this pain for, besides a reminder to not go there?


Don’t think about the hurt, abandonment, betrayal

 they aren’t good enough reasons to maintain the veil

Anyway, of love I thought we had but didn’t


I wanted to be the most important person in your life

I was ok with next to you, next to them, but I accepted below the strife


Let you run me, take what you wanted, and say goodbye

I hate to say it but now your love feels like nothing more than a lie


Maybe family, maybe religion, tradition, is what it all comes down to

But to me that’s just a great big pile of steaming poo


You could have put me 1st, like you demanded from me

Then we could have seen what kind of life there was to lead


You and me against the world, nothing else matters

You couldn’t do that, you just offered me what flatters


Without depths, surface level, mere shadows

Of what true love is, of what it’s like to truly love


Your love came with requirement’s, an acreage would make it all better

Like if I could follow your instructions all would be well

Just make sure I do it down to the last letter


Except requirement’s mean conditions

But love is unconditional

So what was what you had for me, besides a passing the time plea


The pain in my heart is an indicator, of what?

Love gained and love lost, is that what we really had

The pain in my heart is an indicator

Indicator of what could be, but not between you and me

The pain in my heart is an indicator, but of what?

 Of what’s missing not from you, but from me


A lesson that what I really want, I can give to myself

Then those pieces I crave will fill in themself


The greatest lesson of losing you has taught me

I’m better than all the parts of you put together, could be

Focus on that and I’ll begin to see.


Tanisha Hamelin

December 17, 2018

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