Slowly But Surely Creator






By Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

Slowly but Surely Creator by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

Slowly But Surely Creator is a poem by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin about that sweet spot where you know your going to manifest but you just haven't yet.


Slowly But Surely Creator by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin


I'm happy but unsure, how long will it last

i’ve searched for these tools for so long

now I question, shouldn’t I be moving fast


I’ve gone from hell to heaven, still not good enough for me

where are the trumpets, the dancers

My 15 minutes on national tv


I thought my world would come crashing

amazing so quickly

instead attention is thrashing what I thought would instantly be


Rather its subtle like watching the birth of a flower

So you realize

your attention is whats stretching the hour


Time passes and without evidence my optimism gets stronger

Till I recognize the proof I’m looking for

is in how the feeling of happiness stays there longer


An optimist, I once believed, I truly was

until I noticed my thoughts

recognized unwanted thoughts were all the buzz


The work has been tricky cuz when your caught up in the anger

you can’t instantly change focus

your stuck doing the course in a beat up old banger


I take a nap, meditate, do what I gotta do

calm this mind from the crazy

and make a habit out of it too


Cuz while I still question I can’t deny the truth of it all

life is magic, i’m magic

and there ain’t nothing to solve


By Tanisha Eileen Hamelin, May 2017

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