Unique As Everyone





by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin


Unique As Everyone by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

I wrote Unique As Everyone specifically about myself. About what makes me unique, and all the quirks and things I have noticed about me. One thing I love about myself is my ability to adapt, and to kinda make anything my own. I look at everything with "I can do it" attitude and like there is something to be appreciated. I always find what I like and pleasing things, and that attitude and perspective has served me well. Its also made me this unique person that I am, and that I know, we all are. 


Unique As Everyone by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin


I love unicorns, dinosaurs, grizzly bears, and puppies

playing with mud, herbal medicine, jewelry, and luxury but not yuppies 


Pot, whiskey, meditation, and self help audiobooks

video games, I love reality tv and I know how it looks


I hate watching horror, family comedies, romance, and dramas

I write romance, tragedy, and draw from my own traumas


Black, dark red and dark blues make up my wardrobe

Orange, beige, and lots of bright flowers decorate my abode


Spiders scare me, like i’ve been knocked off my feet

but i’ll stare at a group of ants for hours, they are so interesting and neat


I believe in marriage, family, and a conservative life

But I’ll get naked for a tan and i’m not opposed to going under the knife


In fact sex is the ultimate expression of love

I’ll talk about it easily but I only do it with my one beloved


I hide from people I know, creating projects to express me

Then I go ahead and put it all out there for the world to see


My dreams tell stories of a girl with super powers always running from something

In reality my greatest threat is me, a powerful voice screaming the complete opposite of nothing


Anxiety riddled, perfectionist, nerdy white girl, pushover, snob

a million thoughts, good at everything, beautiful, easy going, quiet rather than sob


Cut myself wide open, literally, to many times to count

but expressing how I feel to one I love is so difficult to surmount


I’ve been to hell and back, and on some level maybe, took the trip willingly

Still wrapping my head around that, doing the mind work diligently


I’m sensitive about my past and I acknowledge I have triggers

I truly believe you respond to what I feel, so i’m more forgiving to the sinners


I wanna say I'm contradicting but thats not really it

I’m just as unique as everyone there is no usual one fit


By Tanisha Eileen Hamelin, 2017

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