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Unlimited is a poem I wrote when I was feeling especially limitless. I wanted to express what it is going to truly be like, fully embodying the knowledge that I am the master of my life. A deliberate creator, what does it mean to think of yourself as eternal? What heights can be reached and what will be discovered.


Unlimited by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin


Walking in and out of time, a book with doors for pages

Free to be what you want, when you want, enlightenment isn’t limited to the sages


Its not about perfection, a destined purpose, or that anything is any one way

its all there for you to have, even very specific and detailed, down to the tee of what you say


I imagine walking from one destiny to another, the moment you decide change right now is best

1920s me to an atlantean, mermaid, dinosaur, or something indescribable compared to the rest


To be and do and have anything I want means theres no limits to where I can travel

and travelling is part of joy, a way for me to have fun, make my life bedazzled


Consciousness is not limited to this very focused reality

everything so dense and full of lost identity


Lost, but found, at the exact same moment in time

Life connected in every way for pleasure, like the rhythm in a rhyme


You throw your hook into the water, catching fish instantly

throwing them back because you did it just for evidence of your divinity


There is no limit, only discovery, of what is wanted and unwanted, you’ll see

The greatest part is discovery of the unknown doesn’t have to be so scary


Just remember your eternal nature, who you are, how you create

and flip those doors for pages, enjoying, because thats whats really innate


by Tanisha Eileen Hamelin, June 2017

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