How to Manifest What you Want

Learn how to manifest what you want by understanding the intricacies of creation and how it really happens so you can come correct.

Manifesting: How Deliberate Creation Happens

That which is like unto itself is drawn. So you want to be a deliberate creator of your reality but now it begs the question, how to manifest what you want. To start you need to recognize a few things:

  1. You are always creating your reality, you don't need to learn this part
  2. What you attract corresponds to your beliefs and the resulting predominant emotions you feel everyday, or your vibration
  3. Manifesting what you want is a combination of deciding and then focusing on what you want, your belief it is coming, and strong, positive, emotions

That last line needs to hit different because it is the answer you are looking for. If you can make a decision to attract what you want. Reinforce the belief you will receive what you want. Then feel strong, positive, emotions about what you want, then it's sure to come. On the other hand, if you aren't able to do those things, you can see why what you want doesn't come.

Deciding is Powerful

Making a choice or a decision has power because it gives you the strength and will you need to do what is necessary to make it happen. When you make a decision, the next step is: how. If you don't decide you can be willy nilly and that energy isn't exactly creative. You need to decide to do:

  • what it takes to create what you want
  • but also, decide what it is you actually want so you can focus on it.

Focus on What you Want

Sometimes we think we know what we want, when in fact, we are really focused on what we don't want. We don't want to go to work everyday, but what does that mean in terms of what we DO want to do every day?

Do you know how you want to spend each moment?

What do you really want to do?

Deciding you don't want something isn't enough. You need to spend some time thinking about what it is you do want and focus on that. By focus, I don't mean just think “oh it would be great to have a nice car”. I mean literally spend time deeply focused on your desire by thinking about what it would feel like, seeing your hands on the steering wheel. Seeing yourself open the doors to the card dealership, shaking the salesman's hand, signing the paperwork, and putting the keys in the ignition.

Strengthen Your Beliefs

How to manifest what you want is about belief work, too. It is possible to want something so much it comes to you without necessarily having a strong belief its possible. The fact is though most of the big things we want are wrapped up in a lot of negative emotion that is caused by a belief that it isn't possible. Or that its only possible through doing what we don't want, which slows or stops our manifesting power.

Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking that either feel good, or feel bad. Most people don't analyze their beliefs but if they did, they would recognize, they aren't exactly true. Beliefs are:

  • Automatic thoughts which are a result of an accumulation of time spent thinking a certain way about a subject that it's now a belief.
  • A perspective we assume is true.

While we have many beliefs, not all of the thoughts and beliefs we have are necessarily true. Regardless of truth, when we think about a subject our thoughts flow automatically in accordance with the belief we have about it.

We need to strengthen our belief that:

  • We can have what we want
  • It is good for us to have it
  • We are worthy of it
  • It comes easily

Strengthening our belief that we can have what we want and that it is coming to us or that it is already here will give room for it to make its way into our experience. We also do this because when we think that way, we feel good. Feeling good is also a key to creation.

Strong, Positive, Emotion Creates

If you feel bad when you think about something, you can be sure you are creating a reality feels that way, and it's not what you want. As Abraham hicks says, each subject has two sides: what is wanted, and what is not wanted. If you think about what you want but aren't feeling good. you probably have beliefs about it that don't align with receiving what you want.

This is why working on beliefs makes a difference. When you reinforce beliefs that feel good, you can think about what you want, and feel good. That is the key to how to manifest what you want or why you are manifesting what you don't want. Raising your vibration, or your emotional state, makes all the difference in your creative ability.

My Article on how to raise your vibration gives you information about what your vibration is, and more specific processes to help you do so. Check it out here.

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